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1:10What Bukayo Saka replied to Josh Denzel's message of support


  • No matter what and who, ronaldo cr7 still below messi

  • One of the most underrated players to ever play the game. Even when he was not scoring goals he held the ball up incredibly well and allowed others into the game. He was in my view one of the big reasons that Arron Ramsey scored so many goals in his break out seasons. I don't care that he went to Chelsea, love the guy an absolute technician in the box and his record of goals and assists speak for itself not to mention that he has won a tonne of medals including the Champions League and World cup. An absolute legend. Good luck in Milan Olivier!

  • 3:35 I mean, it was a hell of a save!

  • Had the privilege of been ther with me son for that one.... Some goal, great night

  • Classic tottenham, this is what tottenham are known for.

  • Who is here after Danny Mills said Wan Bissaka can't defend 😂😂

  • Who would've thought these former rivals would become one of the duos?

  • Go.leeds

  • Outgoing is you from media please

  • The world would change if this was the final

  • Didn't even realise Jimmy was there until about 5 minutes in!

  • Would love arsenal to get him but cannot see it sadly. Top player

  • Pretty sure that's Eric Dier realising he's on his way to Norwich if The Super League goes ahead 😂😂 *I deserve at least 100 likes for this*

  • Top marks to the board for getting S G to Ibrox 🌠man!.

  • Charlie Austin: AWB can't defend.... This ⬆️

  • Better than Lacazette

  • This why they NEED Harry Kane

  • I’ve never agreed with a red card for handling outside the area. I mean if you’re giving out red cards for handballs, then surely Thierry Henry and Diego Maradona deserved reds. Like what if you catch it then go out when landing? As long as you’re not gaining an advantage, ie if you just accidentally land outside the area, shouldn’t be a red.

  • Bring back this rashford please 🙏

  • Useless

  • Was expecting to see Mascherano sprinting halfway across the pitch to complain to the ref and getting himself a 2nd booking. Also Gibbs getting sent off after Oxlade Chamberlain hand ball. And that would actually have been a great save from Steve Cook if he was a keeper.

  • no body gon talk abt how a liverpool player tried to stop allison

  • The Sky is blue. But I'm told that sometimes with forthcoming rain, the sky might turn grey. This is due to the clouds that form which would then go onto produce that very rain.

  • Walmart woj

  • Steve Cooks always gets me 😭

  • Absolutely pathetic being given a red card for celebrating with fans.

  • it's the year 2308 and the brits still chanting "it's coming home" as if they're gonna win the tournament xD

  • 1:30

  • 0:40

  • I'm a Liverpool fan but Sterling's celebration should never be a red

  • Famous arsenal team of sanchez ,Walcott giroud, ozil ,cazorla and wilshere was deadly arsenal

  • So these guys just repeat whatever Fabrizio said 😆

  • saul signed a 9 year contract??!!!😱my gosh

  • Spuds still haven’t won a title in colour!! What a embarrassment of a club

  • Messi = Goat

  • Half of these are not red cards