BREAKING! Everton appoint Rafael Benitez as their new manager on a three-year deal 📝

Joylandi 30-Iyn, 2021
Everton have appointed Rafael Benitez as their new manager on a three-year deal. Benitez agrees three-year deal as Everton's new manager; Spaniard spent six years at Everton's Merseyside rivals Liverpool, winning the Champions League and FA Cup

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  • Eeeeeh yeh course lol 🍀⚽😎💷

  • Unless he wins them a trophy (unlikely), they’ll never love him.

  • Can understand why Everton fans arent giving him a warm welcome (Same when he joined Cheslea) but if he gets of to a good start he'll win them over

  • Bad idea if he lasts longer than a year it will be a shock!!!!!

  • Absolute horrendous reporting, I’ll tell you now as an evertonian that 99.9% people are behind him. Why are you driving rhetoric ? We need a CB ? That’s what we have most of, everyone knows we need a RB, shows this dude is clueless.

  • that voice break was top tier

  • Good luck to Rafa...he love the city of Liverpool, some Everton tossers are not happy..they got a top class manager..should be delighted!

  • It’s got that feeling of everything being wrong but I feel this could end up being a huge deal in the future if Rafa gets his backing I think he’s a top manager and still relevant

  • Bloody hope so ,canny finish last he no that good ,big Dunc would be better ,good luck expect a finish in the top 6 or better,

  • Everton are a small club though 😂

  • "I will give everything for the fans I will fight for my SMALL club'

    • That small club has served the top flight more than any began a long time before the Premier league

  • unbelievable

  • Clearly Everton finally have good owners. Rafa is a fantastic manager and if given the support will make Everton formidable.

  • Newcastle fans will be able to call him a Spanish scouse c**t again instead of god

  • Much better manager than Everton deserve.

  • He is going to be booed like anything when the Merseyside derby takes place

  • 🤣

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  • Everton fans are absolutely gutted about this. Lmao 🤣

  • He will get a lot of stick if he doesn't do well, I can't see him lasting 3 years he will get hounded out, Merseyside derby will be great to watch this season though.

    • The country will be under lock down long before November, so no fans and no atmosphere for the derby.

  • Biggest question is, why didn't Spurs appoint him? Levy has had an absolute shocker. They'll be finishing below Everton and Villa next season, nvm Arsenal and Leicester.

  • They probably did it just so they can bring Moyes back on a chariot in 6 months time lol

  • Hasn't been a good manager for over 12 years now

    • He hasn't been a good manager ever. Everybody knows stevie g won liverpool the fa cup and champions league. Stevie was amazing that night in the final i will never forget watching game. Raffa was shite!

  • And the liverpool fans are like but dey do doh don't dey! 🤣

  • They angry cause he coach Liverpool and class Everton as a small Club but he'll bring a world class winning mentally they'll see change.

  • Rafa is a great manager and Everton are a sleeping giant who have the potential to pick themselves up and start playing some decent football with Rafa, so hopefully Rafa can get the money he needs to put a team together on top of the players who are there. Over the last number of yrs Everton have season in and Season out played absolutely terrible football and have been difficult to watch. Everton and their Fans should be really happy and should be showing Rafa loads of support but of course some won't and will start moaning but that's only because they are complete BELLENDS and deserve a right good SLAP in the face with the hairy side of my hand. Good luck Rafa and FCK all the haters because they are simply " WHINY LITTLE BITCHES "

  • His Champions League with us is null and void its Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carraghers Champions League

  • Should keep them out the bottom 3

  • A top proven manager - the blues need to get behind him now he’s in coyb

  • Has to be the most underrated manager of today’s game

  • And if he gets sacked he will get millions like he did at Liverpool

  • He shouldve taken the Wolves job

  • James hates Benitez

  • The fat waiter becomes the Raffa Gaffa. You couldn't make it up. Guess it shows what kind of person he is. Small club eh.

  • I am so upset am a liverpool fan😐

  • Rafa and Big Dunc will be a great team and take Everton to a new level. The academy and youth system will be upgraded, improved and the club WILL step forward. Lives in Wirral, respected and thanked by the families, gave 200k+ to respective charities wnd ALWAYS puts 100% into the job and putting fans front and centre. Bitter blues need to get over it and appreciate the fantastic appointment.

  • Nothing new players have crossed the park in the past why not a manager

  • Hmm Seems a ropey decision

  • This football not war. We need to stop making personal attack on people.

  • snake

  • Gerard and klop will be at Everton some day too

  • Wanna know what liverpool fan think of this

  • I applied for the job Well done Rafa

  • But...but...but...wor...wor...wor massive man, a just divvent understand why he’s went terra smerl club like Everton man.

  • You can see his hunger, he really wants this job, let’s get behind him.

    • Hunger not literally he's a tub of Lard

  • Everton are a small club. That's a FACT

  • Oh Rafa! Can we not swap and Everton have Steve Bruce? Bring Rafa back home! Great appointment for Everton.

  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Its just a small club

  • I don't think he owes anyone anything. I respect Everton more for the balls to not only hit him up but actually convince him.

    • Done well @ Chelsea where they won the Europa trophy. Did well @ Newcastle. Competent manager

  • How to destroy a legacy😂 Would have taken him at spurs though

  • As an Everton fan welcome Rafa, he's a top gaffer

    • Yeah ok, not a fat spanish waiter anymore. Knew you'd all say that

  • It works out well for Benitez his family is still in Liverpool and great news for Everton fans

    • They should start walking around with stabb vests. Wouldnt want to walk around liverpool knowing i managed them and then took over at their rivals. Raffa is playing with fire there!

  • I’m a Newcastle fan, Everton got the best manager off the board here and the fans need to get behind him and he’ll be a success.

  • loyalty and club morals mean nothing in the modern game.

  • This man won’t make it to the January transfer window, calling it now.

  • Rafa do you like Everton ? “No but my house is round the corner save a lot of fuel in the motor yes”

  • This is the exact moment when Everton become Napoli. The next is step is buying Higuain, then Insigne and Callejon, with Sarri on the bench.

  • This is wrong

  • A Koppite legend holding the reigns at Everton. Well I never.

  • All the Everton Fans raging at this should sit for a moment and give thanks you don't support Spurs with No no espirito won f*ck all in charge.

    • Hi I'm a saints fan but I just love watching the reds and blues give Rafael a chance Everton fans make him welcome from the start and he and big ducc will win something for you😄

  • Everton fans should be flattered that a manager as good as benitez would want to manage such a mediocre mid table club

  • Liverpool fans aren’t gonna like this one can’t wait to see away days at Liverpool 🤣🤣

  • Wise move by Everton board. Wish Rafa the best.

  • Im a lifelong Blue. This season is not about advancing it is about consolidation and even survival. Our squad is bloated with deadweights - get rid of em. Im right behind him. COYB

    • Do you mean literally to push him out ;-)

  • Excellent appointment

  • Benítez pleas just go to Spain

  • A shrewd coup for Evertonians. Nuno should end up at White Hart Lane.

  • Bringing some class to the bitter blues

    • FACT? Classy bloke..

  • And Rafa always has a special place in LFC hearts

  • The people who don’t like it need to get over it. People need to have jobs, good teams/clubs need good managers. I like Rafa. It will take a while for Everton but I think give it one or 2 years and you’ll be firing

  • If klopp wasn't our manager maybe benetiz would be at Liverpool again so Everton you are getting a top manager with a top pedigree who likes a fight so back him because he won't let you down

  • I think this is a bad move Raffa can do a job but first couple of bad results the Everton fans will hound him out putting it nicely!

  • Rafa will do a brilliant job. Begrudgers will in the end, eat their words.

  • It is misery in Everton to hire fading former LFC legends...Everton won't be relegated with Rafa.

  • BENITEZ Rafa BENITEZ - Secret service agent 00'5' Mission: Destroy the enemy from within!

  • So the little club get the fat Spanish waiter !!

  • Loserpool fans must be seething 🤣😂


  • You know things are bad for Dan Levy when a potential manager on his list would rather join what he once referred to as a "small club" than Spurs. 😂😂

    • Despite what he said, spurs history compared to evertons makes spurs the smaller club.

  • Levy calling up Frank de Boer now

    • Nah he called some guy who managed wolves that finished 13th. And looks like a homeless tramp begging for money on the streets. Pathetic club them yids are total clown show!

  • He should be respected by Liverpool fans, they won a champions league together after all

  • Bueno me iré a aprender italiano

  • I think Everton are the perfect club for Benitez

  • I rate Benitez but Everton has suffered from too much short term thinking since the new ownership. Even top sides have to do rebuilds in modern football its impossible to just outright buy success even with money FFP won't allow it

  • Una cerveza por favor Rafa

  • Congratulations on 3 mil subs

  • 'the passion and hunger he showed to join our club'...

  • When he starts winning for you all the hater's will love him

    • If he loses the Merseyside derbies the Toffee fans will want to eat him alive.

    • What like he did at newcastle?

  • Im not surprise rafa benitez join everton, im more surprised that everton hired him. 😕 will he be the first manager to manage both mersyside clubs? Or has there been in the past?

  • It’s just a revolving door with the old managers. Where’s the opportunity for the new guys? It’s a joke.

    • What like lampard who failed at chelsea?. Then the new manager came in and won them the champions league. These new managers are clueless they don't know how to manage!

    • Agreed

  • I don't see how's that a good decision.

  • This is one of the best voice cracks I have heard on tv in a long while 2:23

  • I hope it goes bad for him

  • Judas

  • BREAKING!! ??? How is this breaking, we have known its gonna happen for weeks ??? Jesus, yet more clickbait

  • Once Liverpool manager jumps on any job going 🤢

  • End of season 21/22: Ancelotti sacked at Real Madrid, Benitez leaves Everton and re-joins Real Madrid.

  • Goes to show what a joke of a club we well with a clown at the helm who aiming to big for a manager and Everton wasted no time and actually get a decent coach appointed unlike levy who just fucks about

  • What is this British love affair with such a terrible manager? Not won a major trophy for 17 years!!!! At the biggest clubs in europe. No league title for 19 years!

  • For me Rafe will always have a special place in memories for all his contribution towards Liverpool... But as a professional he's moved on since the past and has had to take his opportunities... Wishing him the best of luck though I still feel itched that he's going to the blue half of Merseyside