Dortmund turn down Chelsea's player-plus-cash bid for Erling Haaland!

Joylandi 15-Iyl, 2021
Borussia Dortmund have turned down Chelsea's opening offer for striker Erling Haaland, according to Sky in Germany.

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  • He's not worth that. Chelsea should go out looking for a Drogba or Diego Costa type players... this smells bad, very bad

  • A true Chelsea supporter wouldn’t want Haaland at £150M

    • Not our money mate, if Roman wants him then he can get him.

  • Think they may eat thier words a proven goal scorer but not in the Premier league that's a league of its own or is that scaring him of moving

  • this guy dont know anything😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • How hard it is Chelsea will get him,Chelsea will never give up on him.

  • Why am I now getting this notification again when this was uploaded on the 15th? Seriously UZfire!????????

  • Haaland to stay at bvb they need him😍

  • Last….pause….minute….pause….bid! Making it more dramatic so it sounds more interesting than it is 🤣🤣🤌🏽

  • BVB let lewendoski leave on a free meaning they showed him whos boss and would not let him leave until his contract was up they will do the same with haaland .

  • Sajid javid gets everywhere these days 😬

  • HE does not want to go to Chelsea

  • He's coming to United.

  • That bald fella is stealing a living , sky just feed him rubbish

  • Have you ever watches a low budget film where the acting and plot is mediocre? These reporters on Sky are the same. Dortmund won't sell both of their star players in Sancho and Haaland. Think about it logically and don't be silly or naive. Haaland will leave next season.

  • Y wud he go to Chelsea I doubt he want to go to chelsea

  • Give them 150 million euroes and they should take it. Selling Abraham and Michy = 50 million. Meaning we are 100 million in defecit. Guehi & Zouma sold you get Skriniar Then all we need is a midfielder like Tchouameni 50 million max. We have plenty to sell tho and loan so we have the money. Offering 150 million for Haaland would be no problem. If they dont accept they will lose alot of money next season 75 million relause clause which would Real Madrid love would they not.

  • I don't think we will get Haaland this summer. Next summer he will probably leave just for 75M

  • Only an idiot would refuse to sell him now and lose millions on a sale next year

  • Most importantly, MONEY TALKS! We'll get back to you Dortmund. I'm calling Abramovich now.

  • So frustrating when we know we have the money just to get a deal done (150M) without trying to bargain! Tammy is pants so why would they accept that!? Sell Tammy separately to get some money back and just go all out and put forward an offer they can’t refuse!!

  • Ahem. They’re playing in the Bundesliga, Dortmund would qualify regardless.

  • well imagine Haaland staying, scoring 30+ goals and Dortmund win the title against a Bayern Munich that suffered from injuries and couldnt adapt to Nagelsmanns philosophy yet. I think no Dortmund Fan would be calling it a mistake to reject those 150m.

  • Why am I seeing this 3 days later 🙄

  • So clearly he's going to Chelsea, now Dortmund just have to decide how much

    • Haaland and his agents still hold the cards. The release clause option for next year gives them more money and options.

  • I wouldnt accept that offer if it was both Abraham and odoi... I'd rather have a quid than two 50ps. Just saying.

  • Haaland to Chelsea, Hudson Odoi and Abraham to Dortmund on loan makes sense

  • You have to know Haaland's agent is Mino Raiola. Dortmund is asking for 175m, but Raiola has other ideas, agent $$ that would raise to 200m

  • Offer Werner + £30M and they might get him

  • Come on Chelsea!

  • It's pronounced Ealing Whoreland

  • offer them trash Werner plus £150 million for the trouble of taking Werner

  • “How likely ? Umm let me see, how likely? Umm ya it’s the transfer window , and my sources say that gentleman’s agreements are in place but my sources tell me that money talks but ya it’s season of transfers according to my sources , so how likely? I’m not sure but it’s very likely to be unlikely because my sources say anything can happen in millions of pounds , I think… maybe “


  • Abraham n Hudson-Odoi + 100M ....for sure. or... Werner+100M 😂😂😂😂

  • They will be stupid to not do it or he’ll go for a much lower fee next year cause his contract is over

  • man united will will sign haaland next summer

  • Why is the journalism from Sky Sports almost always this bad? They need to get in better quality people to work for them.

  • If Dortmund sell Halland this summer when they have already sold Sancho, the Yellow Wall will come crashing down on them and demand the heads of everybody in charge of the club.

    • We got that situation before, we start to get used to it. 😂

  • Of course BVB would reject that stupid offer. Why would they want any of those 2 players? Yes. Dortmund would get lots of money by selling Haaland to Chelsea this summer, but that would result in sporting disaster for Dortmund next season. Have you ever thought that Dortmund care about what they do on the pitch and what they win as well and not only about money? And why would Haaland want to leave Dortmund this summer? The clubs will be desperate to sign him next summer and overbid each other and he can choose exactly what he wants. And Raiola will earn much more money as an agent if Haaland gets sold next summer as well. And your figure for the clause next summer is wrong. It is somewhere between £80M and £85M. If Haaland means the difference between getting into top 4 next season or not for Dortmund, then the difference between the release clause and a £150M bid doesn't mean much. Poor work and you totally fail at making this sound exiting at all. Boring. Try better next time.

  • Chelsea needs to get rid of Werner, he played so bad missed tons of chanses and even played a bad euro 2020 with Germany............ If Werner was a black guy who would be send away for loan Watford or Burnley :)

  • Days since last 🏆 Chelsea - 49 Leicester City - 63 Manchester City - 67 Arsenal - 350 Liverpool - 387 Manchester Utd - 4years 54days Spurs - 13years 139days

    • Wait... Spurs actually has a trophy???

  • Sky sports news has went from essential viewing to absolute tripe. These guys are bellends

  • It’s always only ever going to be Manchester United no question.

    • @John Kay ur like the 4th best club in england chill mate

    • Yeah and the most renown and lucrative club in the land is....Manchester United. Enough said.

    • @John Kay who cares about history all that matters is the present

    • Lizards are Pretty cool - romance, history, style, panache, success, not to mention the most leagues titles as well as 13 premier league titles, numerous FA, European and other cups, several league and cup doubles and a unique once in a lifetime Treble. The most renown and lucrative club side in world football. Need I say more.

    • Why? So you guys can crash out of the Champions league and lose in the Europa league again?

  • give them werner dortmund gonna accept it

    • Lol 😂 You don’t know anything boy

  • I heard that if Haaland is sold for over 85M, a decent amount of the money over 85M goes to the agent and the father. Is that true?

  • Get this deal done

  • Fabrizio Romano reports just make Sky Sports looks like clown with this fake rumor LOL

  • If we sold callum to we then would end up regretting it

  • Why did they bother showing goals just to blur them out 😂

  • Chelsea will get him. 100%.

    • Dortmund don't want to sell both Haaland and Sancho in the same window. Chelsea would have to throw absolutely ridiculous money around to make Dortmund reconsider. And when the next summer rolls around, he'll probably make a move to either City or United if he moves to England, rather than Chelsea. City is his boyhood club since his dad played there. And at United (which is also improving their squad) he can reunite with Solskjaer with that norweigan connection / striker connection, not to mention he coached him at Molde and has been interested in signing him way before he became the superstar he is today. Chelsea might get him, but it's not 100% at all.

  • He said the same thing for 5 minutes

  • I think its again a stupid decision to get rid of Tammy Abraham PUBLICLY. Just like Lukaku, Salah, KDB. Keep making those dumb decisions.

  • They should send Timo Werner and $150,000 million. They have to say yes. Haaland will be the best player on the planet for the next decade.

  • Hating Chelsea will reach unprecedented levels 💙😂

  • What is sajid javid doing here

  • Easiest way to look at it.....would you swap your wages for food stamps??!!!

  • Why’s everyone hating on dharms 😂 he’s a legend

  • If he’s smart he won’t go there….it’s where strikers die

  • Dortmund only wants full cash of 200mill, or take Abraham with 170, but chelsea wants to give abraham and oddoi with 100mill, i doubt both worth 50 million, specially with their last seasos

  • Please talk something on the wembley rucus 😂😂

  • Dortmund needs no money right now, they need Haaland. What should they do with 100+ M pounds when there's no one on the market to replace Haaland? They would need to find a new Haaland

  • Sky sports just isn't what It was, all the passion for the game has gone, it feels like almost everything is presented by politicians

  • I'll Pay them £80m let them keep the player for one year. I'll use Tammy for this season, he is going to score over 20 goals, sell him next season for upward 60m. Dutchmond get to keep their man this season, Chelsea get to raise Tammy's value....

    • @Unknown User What would you rather do? Since the have resolved to keep him for the season. Go buy another striker with the hope to sell after one season and then wait for next season to compete with Barca, Madrid , Etc?

    • And that’s the reason why you aren’t a manager of a top club 😂

  • As a Chelsea fan I'm gutted for Tammy, he could be a top striker but hasn't been given a proper run by Tuchel, I'll be gutted to see him go.

  • My sources told me everton offered iwobi + £60 grand and Dortmund look tempted

  • This guy waffles on for 5mins to explain a 12 second sentence.. Genius..he does this for a living😆

  • @SKYSports is there any point linking footage and blurring it?

  • Southgate doesn’t understand how Sancho and Mount can occupy the field at the same time.

  • If Chelsea are Offering Tammy Abraham, they're going to buy him again

  • Thanks it's called an opening offer that's means their is more to come and Chelsea is unlike man united taken full year to sign a player😜😜📢📢

  • 110-120m should be enough to get Haland this summer.

  • Dharmesh, is the most delayed reporter ever, he give ancient news

  • Why is sky sport breaking the news, if they rejected? I thought they only break news when it’s agreed. 😂😂😂. He’s coming.

  • I developed a cataract at 2:27 of this video

  • Abromavich brought Chelsea football club for £140 million if they buy a player for 10 million more mad

  • The Blues of London will get Harland. We are Chelsea

  • player swap won't work because the wage structures are totally incomparable. they'd rather have cash so they could by a young replacement who currently will on relatively low wages

  • At this point I don’t even want Haaland. Although he is a top striker he doesn’t seem like the kind of player who would love the club and take advice from Tuchel. I would actually prefer lukaku

  • Tammi swap deal 😂 and the rest, think you will need to do better than that at least throw in Werner and Pulisic as well!

  • If Chelsea get Haaland Chiesa and a top defender the rest of the prem and Europe are in trouble

  • Dortmund feeling like a girl who just got her ass job

  • Dortmund is just over feeling themselves .

  • Dortmund playing 4D chess

  • I swear if they use Hudson Odoi Ima be depressed

  • Pretty sure these are the same players they offered when going for Kane as well. These players are worthless to teams at this level. If they were good enough, Chelsea would be playing them.

  • 100 mio euro plus werner

  • not a bid it was a proposal offer

  • It never happened ! Ffs Sky

  • Chelsea didn’t bid yet as per Simon stones. He’s the most reliable. Stop spreading lies.

  • is our first bid. We are moving fast rn. Dortmund have to sell because we will offer like 150mil later on or else next summer they will have to sell him for 64mil, their choice

    • @Unknown User loool, give me what u smoke

    • @Kelvin Adu Boy, I am reading the reports properly. Sources that are near to Bvb say that the release clause is not 65, but 85 million pounds. These sources are always right when it comes to Dortmund. Sky GB and other English sources are wrong there. You should learn to research better boy.

    • @Unknown User dfkm, his release clause is nowhere near 85mil even in Euros. Read the reports properly

    • @Kelvin Adu In sterling pounds his release clause is 85 million

    • @Unknown User is not a 100mil lol. Is 64mil in sterling pounds my dude

  • Tammy will do so well in Germany. I hope this happens

  • hahahaha If they Haaland they have to give Zyich and Kai Havertz and Timo Werner 😂😂😂

    • They can keep Ziyech and Werner. Havertz plus 100 million would be ok. But Havertz needs to accept a lot lower salary. Chelseas wage structure is way too high.

  • Thank god 🙏

  • We believe chelsea have offered big dollar dollar cash money, we don't know how much and a player but we aren't sure who. Thanks, very informative.

  • As if Dortmound won't reinvest Sancho's and Haaland's money to buy quality players ? They can take 100 million + Tammy + loan CHO from Chelsea , Dortmound is acting too gready rn !

    • Lol, they have any right to keep their players. Tammy and Cho are trash, they want better and younger players.

  • We’ll get him next year for 70m and a packet of cheese and onion crisps

  • If Fabrizio says there has been no official bid... then there has been no official bid

  • Chelsea havent made a bid

  • What kind of deal is that? That’s like offering a happy meal for a lamborghini

  • Better chelsea other player than Haaland.