England fans celebrate England goals and full time! | England 2-1 Denmark | Euro 2020

Joylandi 7-Iyl, 2021
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See the scenes at Croydon Box Park and Manchester for both of England's goals against Denmark, and the full time celebrations as Gareth Southgate's side progressed to the final of Euro 2020!

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  • Karma in the creating.

  • You never celebrate before playing. Brings bad luck. A lot of bad luck ... You should learn from us, or even from the German fans, how to approach a final.

  • I’m italian 🇮🇹 and i’m very happy we win Cup and this alcool man losers , we are the Europe Champion not England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and we are 4 time world Champion too , Italy 🇮🇹 ⚽️💪 domination country ( potete solo rosicare )


  • Set up for disappointment

  • Hahahahaha.....Just when the English thought it was coming home.....

  • Good bye little rabbits

  • When u realize u celebrating goal achieved by cheating 😂

    • Yes all those Italy fouls, but don't be too hard on Italy, they did eventually win on penalties. 🤣

  • hahahahaha, well the joy is over. CONGRATS FORZA ITALIA

    • Yeah yeah it's going to Rome which makes a change from Rome going everywhere else including here for 800 years. We can rely on the Italians to kill the joy, after all if they hadn't been such cry babies over convid, a glorified flu with a 99.7% recovery rate, human rights wouldn't be lost and the world wouldn't be going to hell in a hand basket now.

  • England, overhyped since 1966.

  • Its coming home Italy: Rome*

  • Italy 🇮🇹 are champions. Now shush 🤫 England and go home your drunk 🥴

  • ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL !🇮🇹 💪

    • @Brook Cheetham dude...71% of possession for italy, no yellow cards for English players except for Maguire when both teams played violently (don't tell me Chiellini's foul was a red card because it's called tactic foul and it was fairly booked). Couldn't you just admit that the dream that you were living (an amazing final after 55 years) was ruined by the selfish, arrogant and cocky behavior of your compatriots who burnt our flag, booed our national anthem, pointed a laser at schmeichel, didn't accept defeat and took off the silver medals, beat the Italians living in England, threw hate to Saka and Rashford for missing the penaltis and so on. I don't think there's only one reason why whole world was cheering for Italy. And that saddens me because I hoped English would have acted mildly and with humility considering it's their first final in a eurocup just like Croatia did in 2018. Plus you guys were lucky to play almost all of the matches at Wembley and against minor teams except for Germany and Croatia (which are both pretty weak currently) while Italy had to face Belgium and Spain. If you accept defeat and learn the lesson you can definitely reach the WC final in Qatar and win it because you have a pretty solid and good team.

    • You may of cheated to win this time against England but they’ll win in Qatar because it’ll be a fair match where our players aren’t pulled down and given unfair calls lol people say England are bad but we woulda won easily if Italy didn’t cheat

    • Halls of justice painted green,white and red 💚🤍❤️🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

    • @M GmbH Danke ! I hope we will meet in final, there 😉

    • Thank u Italy ❤️ congratulations from 🇩🇪 see u in (fckin) Qatar

  • Viva Italia!!!!!

  • Ha ha ha ha... f... you England !!! From Denmark!! F... you !!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha Italy won.... Ha ha ha ha.... Bye bye England!!!!!!!

  • Best game in the world, football. The tension, the reactions priceless

  • England win

    • 😂


  • No penalty!!!...Stupid , corrupt arbiter...

  • Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in Saturday’s Copa America final to secure the national team’s first title since 1993 when they defeated Mexico 2-1 in Ecuador. Angel Di Maria scored the only goal of the match in the 22nd minute.

  • Regardless of the penalty awarded, you play great. Anyway, good luck, tonight, against the Italians, let football win. Greetings from Croatia

  • Wherever it may roam... It definitely an't goin to Rome...Cos I had a little dream about an hour ago...And it's stuck here in my head....Repeat three times

  • Stupid England....ITALY!!!!!

  • Sterling swim

  • The true..: England did not win over Denmark .. They only won by cheating. They used laser light against Schmeichel so he could not focus and grab and hold the ball so Svindler-England could score .. !!! It demonstrates clearly, as well as the fabricated penalty kick, where a hand touched an English player, that Englishmen are immoral, can not play football, are weak, and try to win only by cheating and fraud ..! The European Championships should bend England, as part of the European Championships, as they are not a football nation, but full of deception, lies and low morals, which represent not just the whole country, but every single Englishman .. !!!!!!!

  • Can we stop boooing the opponents national anthem? it makes us look demented.

  • If England wins they Will celebrate like when they won WW2 😂😂😂

  • Im from denmark. Well we arent happy that you won, but it was clear that you had the better team so it was well deserved. I hope you win the final

  • More lockdowns after all this shyt, they definitely allowed it to blame it afterwards, Nonsense...!!!! Can't go to a wedding but stadium is packed 😫.

  • Welll done guys!

  • Albanian People are with you England 👍👍👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱God bless the Queen!! Kosova are with you 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰

  • English fans will not be pleased. UEFA did not agree to their favorite song being played at Wembley Stadium before the final match of Euro 2020. OKAY BUT YOU CAN SING. Cheers from the Poles. 👍

  • There are 4 million of us Croats and we don't need referees and fans to beat the great English hahahahah, we win fairly on the field and with our hearts. 1

  • The excuses people are coming up with are a joke, the laser never went on his face lmao it went on his shirt and the danish goalie still managed to save the penalty! And people saying it was never a penalty, then it was never a free kick lol the dude just fell 😂 and the first goal was a own goal 😂 people will always find ways to blame England for cheating 🤣 what a joke 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍻

  • Var ? WHAT THEY DO AT THIS MATCH,?gave for england one penalty.

  • Pog

  • Soicial distancing of 2 centimetres 😓🤣

  • Meh this "win" will always have an asterix because of the flagrant missed penalty. Enjoy your hollow win england

  • Sterling deserves a 10 for the dive.tells you how bad football is at moment when a bang average team like England make the final.

  • My mate had two tickets for the England vs Italy final on Sunday. He didn't realise that it was going to be on the same day as his wedding, so he can't go!! If you're interested and want to go instead of him, it's at St. Andrew's Church in Cambridge and her name is Sarah.

  • Why are these people so happy about? Will this win change something in their lives?

  • England tut jetzt so als wären sie die besten, der 11meter war keiner Mit Laserpointer den torwart behindern geht mal gar nicht, Im Großen und Ganzen ihr habt es echt nicht verdient im Finale zu stehen, 🇮🇹Go Go ITALY🇮🇹

    • Vor allem denken die jetzt, die gehören zu den Großen. Aber England ist ein erfolgloses Nationalteam. Kaum Titel und das aus guten Gründen.

  • Congratulations England fans.

  • english theft against denmark

  • The Danish goalie had a laser on his face right before one of the goals. Does that make the victory illegitimate?

    • @Ryan I seen a video that it was on his face, I do apologise! But I wouldn't call that cheating! Let's see who wins tonight it's going to be close 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍻🇮🇹

    • @Ryan I believe you lol, just saying that it doesn't matter anyways cause he still saved it!

    • @Tobias if you have a social media I will send you clear proof of the laser on his face

    • @Ryan i never seen that, I seen the video and photos and it was on his shirt before he SAVED the ball, people will always accuse england of cheating lol typical 😂

    • @Tobias it was below his eye so on his face

  • Did the Queen call the REFEREE and Congratulate him for Such Beautiful Gift?

  • England has the worst fans in the world!! No manners!! Mocking an opponent!! And so on. The British Empire is gone! You are no longer a great power!! I used to be supporter of England, not enymore!

  • I don't know why they are so Happy and proud, they get a Fake PENALTY ticket to the Final, that is the British way, get the things one way or another.

    • @thehumble kiwi You must be very proud of Such Accomplished, keep telling your Grand Kids that too.

    • Never forget the time you came on youtube for a whinge. It will be a story for your grandkids.

  • Keep booing the knee boys. *no politics in sport*

  • বৃটিশরা বাপ দাদার থেকেই চুরি চুট্টামির ওয়ারিশ হয়েছে,, শালারা তখনকার হিন্দুস্তান থেকে সম্পদ চুরি,, নিউজিল্যান্ডের সাথে ক্রিকেট বিশ্বকাপের ফাইনাল ম্যাচে ট্রফি চুরি,সেদিন ডেনমার্কের সাথেও চুরি, ফাইনালে ইতালির কপালে কি আছে কে জানে।

  • Covid on the rise...

  • Imagine the fans booing anthem of other country and they imagine they can change the world by kneeling. First learn what is respect.

  • Heard that if England wins finals english ppl want that day to be holiday.Was thinking perfect name for that holiday would be Gifting day since UEFA led you by the had in finals.If I am from England and my country wins on humiliating ways like that I would be embarrassed.Hope Englands doesnt win finals because they will be remembered as only country in history that needed help to win to get something.Only thing that will come home is humiliation.

  • yeeeah it would be even better if you played all your future games at home with all your supporters attached with lasers

  • English fair play! What a joke! English fans booing the rival anthems, trying to distract the danish goalkeeper with a laser pen and the players falling on each little contact. I am not only speaking about Sterling also your 220 pounds Harry Kane is falling so easily, Please never speak about the tough Premier League again! The English team was without a doubt better than the Danish team and deserved to go to the finals but unfortunately England as a fair play nation is ruining its image ind the world.

  • worst fans in the world...booooooooooooooooo

  • bye bye Kasper

  • Congratulations! From Tokyo Japan. I’m cheering England because the same flag color (white&red). I hope match up with England at the final of 2022 World Cup. Japan will beat the European champions team.

  • Wie mann sich nur über so einen Sieg freuen kann. Die Engländer waren besser. Den Sieg haben sie sich aber trotzdem nicht verdient. Sie können sich da ganz herzlich bei den Schiedsrichter bedanken der ihnen den Sieg ermöglicht hat. Aus eigener Kraft hätten sie kein zweites Tor geschossen. Ich hoffe Italien gewinnt im Finale.

  • Dived

  • go italy

  • Kane was smart, after watching his interview he said Shoot low and the rebound would be easy to shoot in. if he shot high he could score but there was a risk he could miss given shmeichels ability to save penalties.

  • To all those moaning about the penalty , England have found themselves on the wrong end of a referees decision many times when there was no VAR, remember "the hand of God" ?

  • I always thought that english people loved fair play on football, so why are they so happy to go to the final stealing the win in the semifinal?

  • shame for england. Denmark is better than еngland

  • There are 4 million of us Croats and we don't need referees and fans to beat the great English hahahahah, we win fairly on the field and with our hearts.


  • So awesome when the English fans went 'oh' then went crazy!!!!..when Kane got the rebound. Nice from Nz

  • No penalty

  • Its coming to Rome

  • Probably the most pathetic sport out there!

  • We Germans see that this foul England does NOT deserve the title. The penalty gift, the laser pointer at Schmeichel, the booing at the Danish hymn. This is the ugliest, most evil England I have ever seen. Now Europe wants to see Italy win. If England "wins", nobody will accept it. England is already the loser of the EURO. We all despise this England. Italy and Denmark are the champions.

    • @Dreams Typical Brit being obsessed about a time you don’t even were alive at. Anywaaaaay, we still have more trophies...

    • @Unknown User But you still lost, like in 1945.

    • @Dreams But you still have less trophies

    • @Unknown User But you still lost

    • @Dreams But you still have less trophies 🥶

  • show us england fans with laser

  • Congratulations from France well done i hope you win finals against italia

  • I dread to think of the reaction if we actually win the tournament lol!!

    • @Plazation Yes indeed.

    • The whole world will cry and have a week of mourning, apart from us ofc

  • Goose bumps ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • they should disqualify England and ban the game for distracting the dannish goal keeper on the penalty shot with that laser light ~~

    • For the actions of one stupid person? No.

  • You can thank them those Royal Marines who instilled unity in the team

  • We should SERIOUSY adopt "no one likes us, we don't care" as a chant and sing it for the entire game on Sunday.

  • It's not like anything will happen if we win anyway...

  • The organizers of Euro 2020 couldn't predict a better outcome. Host country England and there controversial win over Denmark will now take on Italy this Sunday in the championship game. This is all going on despite fans booing the opposing team's national anthem and using a laser to win an advantage during a penalty kick. There is no way the host country would be disqualified for these infractions oh just think of the money that will be generated Sunday.$$ here's to a few John Smith's getting too much sunshine on Sunday.😩

  • I LOOOOOVE england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ! Greetings from Morocco, football’s coming home

  • Nobody likes you, Denmark won!

    • Nobody likes you, England won!

  • Mickey mouse win in my book

  • Sterling ovation for sterling's best dive

  • Wishing the English team success in the final against Italy, London will be overwhelmed with joy on Sunday.

  • Is it coming home?

  • 0:04 RIP to the girl in the bottom left corner 🤞🏼

  • My street was crazy as well the after math people were climbing on cars people were drunk. Imagine if England wins just imagine how England will celebrate it. If u guys think this is worse you haven't seen it all. Best if luck to both England and italy

  • The limbs 😍😍 it puts a massive grin on my face

  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🥰

  • The British should give the judges a case of brandy. So many biased decisions are a shame. Sterling will make a good diver.

  • With luck, diving players and laser light England is trying to win the European Championship. It doesn't seem robust and not worthy of celebration.

    • @Matt Sobye Who's celebration now? Be prepared for 55 more years in the dark.

    • Bitter much? Danish I guess…

  • If you’re in a moment like this and you decide to take your phone out you need help🤦🏽

    • It’s sky sports.

    • England lost the final but atleast they tried and got to the final I hope no one is crying about it again its just a game

  • Facking England 🤮🤮🤮😡tfu

  • If you clowns can put in the same effort to over throw your government, who is trying to kill you lot through jabs. My respect goes out to those doctors & virologists who were at last weekends anti lockdown protests.

    • Everyone in every country needs to do that.

  • Looks bloody fun

  • Fake refereeing, fake kicks, fake finals, guys this is not football, but a theater or circus, a pre-planned performance, you need to boycott such championships and similar finalists as the England national team

  • this is what the game is about and the fans more than anyone know it

    • @Pullimau i agree that the booing was outrageous but it was only a handful of fans.u cant blame every fan

    • @Pullimau Who said 3? Everyone I know detests the booing and condemns it. I understand that the haters want to make out it's all the fans doing it to justify their hate, but it simply isn't' true.

    • @Maria Lees booing at the anthem? girl, 3 people cant be that loud

    • @Pullimau Some idiots spoiling it for everyone and they should be banned. They don't represent all the fans.

    • about pointing a laserpointer at the enemies players, booing the anthem?

  • Congrats England from Korea! I want England to beat Italy and win Euro 2020!

    • @La frappe de Pataya Don't thank me.

    • @Eric George Thank you for the loss 👏🔥

    • @Nedun Chezhiyan What are you on about?

    • @CHRIS Nope, not a clue.

    • Hopefully the water will be cold on Sunday. Greetings to those who understand.