Episode 7 | The Boys of '96 | Reuniting the England squad from Euro '96! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁

Joylandi 29-Iyn, 2021
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Sky Sports' Mark McAdam is on the ultimate tour to reunite England's Euro 1996 squad!

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  • Embarrassing from sky. What a waste of time. Expected better.

  • Well watching all 7 episodes and being let down with no reunion was a complete waste of my life! :/

  • Watch the itv one guys, much better

  • I had a sneaking suspicion that most of the palyers would not attend, or that there would be some let down, especially when I saw the highlights of the shitty reunion preparation. I suppose talking about the dentist's chair for the umpteenth time begins to pall. Being English, I know that when someone says yes to doing something it doesn't always mean yes. Anyway, now we have a better team in the final. Let's hope by tonight their reunion is a winning one.

  • Looks like Adams has some anxiety, he tried to get the pen about 5 times to sign the shirt and get out. Great player.

  • Each of those lying ex-footballers saying they will come to the reunion, only to not turn up! It’s so wrong. Lying to his face, and to all of us watching! Some of them seemed really up for it. And the Oscar goes to……

  • How many of us were hoping that Gazza would have been involved? ☹️ And this was no reunion, just a load of nothing. How can Sky not get 22 men for a couple of hours?!? 😠

  • big let down

  • Sky thinking people will do as sky tells them. Hahahahahaha. Pillocks. The nerve. I am getting the boys back together. Hahahahahaha

  • wtf was that

  • Christ, ive just sat and watched all 7 its 1am now and not one of them bothered to show up. I actually thought that the guys would love to recall and meet up about that super year 96, remember my now wife asking me to marry her during the tournament. But I enjoyed the players interviewed.

  • Just watched every episode back to back & all I can say is terrible! The presenter obviously needs glasses as he constantly squints! Not 1 player turning up for the reunion & disappointed Terry Venables never got a mention

  • Been robbed of my time here! What a disappointment

  • A great documentary on failure

  • No Gazza

  • After all that hard work and build up this was a totally underwhelming let down! ....

  • I thought the camera man had the most personality total waste of time. Sir Geoff looking v good though

  • 7 episodes... worst ending to a series since Game Of Thrones.

  • I want my time back.

  • Watched every episode, hoping for Gazza, not a sight or even reason.. then this last episode comes and "Reuniting the boys of '96" doesn't even happen?! Was there a point to this show other than getting a few signatures?

  • Hopefully this 2021 Squad turn up in the semis

  • wtf was this

  • He tried I don’t think the reporter deserves any negative comments.

  • 25 years later and these guys still can't get their act together...

  • This episode basically sums up Euro 96 itself - all that promise but in the end no delivery and a lot of dissapointed England fans 🤣🤣

  • AHAHAHAHAHAHA of course not one turned up after all that! Pathetic!

  • The English go on about 1996more than 66🤣

  • I feel so cheated. What a load of shite

  • Team of '96. Not only a let down on the pitch but off it too.

  • Imagine how good this could have been

  • I live in Australia and episodes 5 & 6 were 'unavailable in your region' ... but after watching the final episode, im glad. Let down

  • Not a single person came? How embarrassing. Also what the hell was up with Tony Adams? So bloody awkward.

  • What? What's happening? Have I missed something? How did that go from all about 96 to 66 just like that? 96 was my era and these were my players, obviously Geoff is a national treasure but had literally nothing to do with 96. I'm confused and baffled. What a very very strange way to end a series. No wonder they've hardly been promoting these episodes to any great extent. Speechless.

  • Lol they baited us good!

  • Tony Adams had no interest at all

  • Sky fooled us in to believing they were actually filming a reunion knowing that it was just gonna be a couple of hours of a bloke driving round in an electric van.

  • Absolutely shocking! Wasted all morning watching 7 episodes for it to have a flat ending. I suspect Sky never really intended to have the reunion. I will be turning off Sky if that presenter ever comes on my TV now.

  • Shocking end to the programme

  • What was the point in watching through 7 episodes for no reunion? Joke

  • Try again.

  • what a shame golf was more important 🤦‍♂️

  • 7 episodes of CLICKBAIT!! I bet BT Sport would of done a better job. I mean Neville and Redknapp work at SKY and even they couldn't be bothered to turn up

  • Sky lying, who’d of thought!

  • No gazza,

  • Shame he got stood up in the end really , they were a decent team but didn’t win anything so no reason for it . Fair play Geoff Hurst for being a good sport .

  • 6:40 my favourite bit.

  • They should all be invited to wembly if England make the final

  • Had the pleasure of meeting Sir Geoff Hurst at a football tournament a few year back, what an absolute gentleman he was, a memory I’ll never forget

  • Actually gutted, I was expecting at least half of them to turn up! I suppose they're all too busy playing golf or fishing😂

  • Shocking waste of time!!!

  • More shocking content from sky, if this was a reunion of a few black players from days gone by there's not a chance it would end like this!! Spacing these episodes out to is pure evil.. Should be fined for this!

  • Really let down that! BBC would’ve done it properly. Shame watched every one of those and nothing at the end. Poor

  • I loved every episode in this series & the presenter was great but man, what an underwhelming finish.

  • Well that was a proper anti climax 👎🏼

  • Tony Adams is a bundle of joy.

  • You literally did the exact opposite of what you said you were going to do. All you did was harass our hero’s. Speechless

  • So this was a compete sausage. Thanks. Ridiculous. Drove around with a weird cameraman for a few hours and got yourself a signed shirt by a third of the squad. Great thank you.

    • Yeah what was the camera man all about? Kept picking him up and dropping him off? 🤔

  • Wow well this was a let down..all that for nothing. no reunion 😔😥. Was looking forwarded this.. at least hurst showed up

  • This was such a waste of time watching this. Such a bad presenter. So annoying hearing him say ‘I’m getting the boys back together’

  • Sky Sports you're a joke. The fact that u really CBA to actually arrange a proper reunion just goes to show what conning bunch of time wasters u really are! 🙄 So glad I cancelled my subscription to them last year. This was such a let down after watching them all which was great yea but in the end utterly pointless. Sky could've easily paid them all to make a reunion appearance! Cheap gits Sky. 🙄

  • Keep these dislikes up boys, let them know how much they’ve robbed us

  • Can’t believe I’ve watched every episode for there to be no Gaza and no reunion. What a scam

  • "I'm getting the boys back together"..........yeah, but you're not though are you?

  • Let down

  • We've been conned!

  • Adams wanted to run a mile. Sign shirt and leg it. Come on England I've got charity work to do.

  • Steve Stone still looks fit as a butcher's dog

  • wowzers that was dreadful, i reckon i could of convinced at least a few of them lads to come for a beer

  • What a total let down.

  • We still here lads lol

  • The presenter should have been an ex-player. Unfortunately, this guy means well but is a bit obnoxious.

  • failed to beat Germany in 1996, failed to find a room in London together in 2021

  • I'm a little upset watching all 7 episodes, I really wanted to see this reunion. Such a shame :(

  • Really sky? What a waste of time

  • Possibly not allowed because of COVID restrictions

  • That was the biggest waste of time... completely pointless.

  • So we watched all that for the reunion at the end and didn't even get the reunion 🤷🏻‍♂️ one big advert for the electric van

  • What an anticlimax. Reminds me on Euro 96 with everything looking so promising only to fall short at the end. Nice to see Sir Geoff though.

  • Gazza hated by the media loved by the fans

  • Thumb down. Waster.

  • We wasted 7 episodes for nothing Can i take my views back sky are wastemans

  • Jesus christ this was a waste of time

  • Apart from redknapp and Neville who work for sky there rest are like .."skytv unless there paying then... no"

  • Tony Adams is like "just give me the fcuking pen so i can sign and fcuk off!" 😂

  • What an absolute waste of time this has been. And this bloke has been a complete insufferable moron throughout.

  • We've had to sit through 7 episodes of this cringey presenter for this crap ! What a joke

  • Somewhat ironic that none of the team made it to the final episode - repeating their failure at Euro 96! Terrible end to what was looking like a good series.

  • Adams is a strange bloke

  • Why wasn’t Terry Venebles involved in this at all??

  • Shambles Sky

  • I don’t get it they all said they’d come 😢😢 ffs what an anti climax to a brilliant enjoyable series 😡

  • What an anti climax. Great to see Hurst but instead of putting that out you should of said after Adams that it was a fail or something. What a waste of time in the end

  • Hang on literally watched this for reunion and no one actually came?

  • Mate, they didn't turn up because there is nothing to celebrate, we didn't win it. A celebration of what?

  • Really terrible. Not the presenters fault, Sky just shouldn’t have aired this

  • WTAF!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Shocking

  • At least the other 17 liked me.... No, the other 17 just lied to your face. Tony Adams was just more honest.

  • Overfamiliar, grinning idiot makes click bait.

  • Bollocks