Gareth Southgate's press conference after losing EURO 2020 final

Joylandi 12-Iyl, 2021
England manager Gareth Southgate hosts his press-conference following his side's defeat on penalties against Italy in the EURO 2020 final.

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  • The fact that england became in world cup 2018 4th place and now in Euro 2020 2nd unser Southgate shows, that he's an great coach and that england has a golden generation of football players. Even If i was for italy in the final i can imagine, that someday england could win something again. Sorry for my bad english

  • Please Send Winston Churchill to interview Southgate about last 3 Shoot out ⚽⚽⚽🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Rubbish. Why leave Lingaard out. That decision baffled me and just delissusional as always. Won't win nothing this idiot

  • England's philopshy has always been to play rigid, good in the tackle players over flair and creativity. They wonder why they end up camped behind the ball tourney after tourney, unable to pass through the lines. Too many of these players who aren't good in tight areas when pressure is on the ball

  • The italian job🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🎉🎉

  • OMG i can't stop laughing when i think about the english disaster. Please again over and over

  • I don't think English should be disappointed. They had English Champions League final, Manchester united played UEFA League finals, and finally European cup finals.

  • Its the coachs fault not the teams. But however i was for italy.

  • Gereth is mising penelty for England 1996 ageist Germany now hi is lose final vs Italiy gereth mast goo

    • Yeah and got England to the furthest they've been in 55 years. It's not Gareth that needs to go It's England's arrogance

  • I still think Southgate is the man Yes Saka should have not have taken the last penalty but Southgate has proven me wrong and we lost on penalties Give him one more year and hope it comes home 2022

  • We played the most boring football with the deepest attack in the tournament. Southgate didn't even use most of it. I kept on being told that you can't win the tournament with positive football, but that is complete rubbish. Most teams that win these tournaments play on the front foot. Southgate needs to be replaced. He is getting praised like he has gone against the grain. Every team he actually faced in this tournament, Southgate had the better squad. We shouldn't have needed to rely on scraping results so often.

    • Nope Italy had a better squad than England so stop kidding yourself

  • Grealish should be the fifth taker, that is so obvious.

    • @River Boy Exactly, never a failure twice in a row.

    • The last penalty he took he hit the bar so obviously not

  • So obviously 3 color players fail the penalty ! Why choose them ?to kick? Are the whites have no encouragement or afraid to fail of shooting the ball 🇵🇹🇨🇭

  • 3:26

  • Incredible dignified man being slated for losing England's first final in 55 years by one penalty. Earned the right to walk away on his terms, will get that knighthood one day.

  • Southgate did the job at the highest level, he and the players and goalkeeper Pickford also, but the three players Those who know them well destroyed my dreams and the dreams of all Englishmen. I was lamenting coach Gareth when I saw the coach's looks with every missed penalty kick and my heart broken down. I am Omani and i am a fan of Liverpool , the English Premier League, English football, the England national team and Britain in general Since the year 1994. Keep Southgate, you will keep your hopes and dreams. Let's go forward, England! Come on England

  • If we went for the jugular in first 10 minutes and 2 nil, we win the game no problem. Italy were all over the place and couldn't cope with our attacking. But no. We start to sit back in southgate's negative defensive play, let italy get a hold of the game and we are inevitably punished. Players............ great, Southgate.....lessons to be learnt.

  • England's team is gonna be the next big thing in European football. All my respect to Rashford, Sancho and Saka: so young and so brave to take those penalties. See ya in 2022 final 😌 🇮🇹

  • if you were'nt born, England probably woud've 2 more trophies, Mr.Southgate !!!

  • I still could not get this off my the F£&) did we lose with penalties??????????? Why are we SO SHITE at penalties...did Southgate bring with him the penalty vices! I’m so angry

  • Why is nobody talking about Southgate when he used to play. Does anyone remember the big penalty he lost and cost us the cup?! Next day he was infamous. The papers and fans were abusing him and shops even took his football T-shirt’s with his name on it. No one one wanted to wear it!!!! Now 20 or 30years later The same SOUTHGATE England’s coach and leads the team finally past the curse of losing to penalties I. The semi finals. We could never get through the semifinals for decades!! So Southgate has paid his dues now by taking us to the finals but unfortunately h with his bad luck penalty vibes curse came with him. The irony! He must be so depressed and in anguish that not only he lost but lost with PENALTIES!!! I bet kids and tens don’t know the cantona days


  • Keep on dreaming you stupid England fans, it came home but you couldn't keep it there, that's the truth and now your still going to keep singing that stupid coming home song, get a life

  • Done a fantastic job should of changed it up in 52 minute but it happens on to next year

  • Two shots on target and people are saying we played well or moan about fouls. We had 120 mins to put more goals away but we parked the bus. Let's not talk about the stupidity regarding penalty takers. This guy plays it safe and isn't tactical at all.

  • 30 minutes of good football and nothing more, Southgate zero

  • Why do journalists ask questions that are so generic and blatantly obvious what the answer will be? .. "Gareth how important are the staff to the team?"... He's hardly gonna say "Ah well not much really, I mean it's the lads that do all the work, the staff just do bits and bobs and chip in with the odd bit of banter."...

  • You lost, by definition they did not play well enough Stop substituting reality with the figment of your imagination

  • He left Greelish Aston villa striker on the bench and let a 19 year old handel a situation like this! What do you expect? It was in the hand of this guy.😒😒

  • Bwahahaha so dumb when choose penalty kicker... This is will haunt your managerial career

  • how about players going out expressing themselves?...not bogged down with tactics maybe they could win then

  • Gareth. Thank you for making me enjoy English football again. I lost a lot of love for the game in the last 10 years what with work and whatnot and just what the game became, but Gareth and the boys really made me excited to follow the World Cup and the Euros. This team are a great bunch of talented young players who have a bright future. Gareth is a true leader. Best coach of the England squad since Venables.

  • Good question swerve. Wrong defensive tactics though

  • Southgate bottled it in the finals with use of Grealish. Picking wrong 3/5 pens not subbing players on all round tactics bottled in the finals. Southgate is exactly the same as Ole idc im ruthless man will ruin a 2nd golden generation. If there is a better manager in the semi/final Southgate will loose to him

  • To busy taking the knee to a Marxist organisation shame to our country

  • The most positivecomment section out of all EURO 2020 videos. Congrats to Italy from a Neutral fan from Finland🇫🇮!

  • It‘s all ur fault Gareth.. such a shame u are!!!!!!

  • Boring manager with zero pedigree.

  • Show some respect, you were playing against four time world champion. You'll learn the hard way.

    • Playing against a seasoned manager, Southgate was out his depth

  • Southgate is given way too much credit. Southgate literally had a squad full of some of the best players in the world who played for big clubs and have experience in playing in major tournaments. Southgate also had the easiest run to the final. The fact that he failed to make changes in the final when Italy took over the momentum and was attacking is beyond. The fact that he put on Rashford and Sancho right before the penalties is also crazy. Southgate isn't a good coach, he is lucky to have a golden era English squad but he won't win anything. England will be humiliated next year in the world cup.

  • 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿 and respect to England team. They did a great job! I know they lost. But still. How many games they won before this game? They become second. It's also high level.

  • You cannot go defensive for 88 minutes against an offensive team like Italy. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    • Defender mindset as he was as player

  • Everybody nah race up the man way cost the game gareth southgate first of all what u see in mason mount for him to be starting every game what has he bought to the table throughout the competition what u have against grealish italy couldn't control the middle of you have brought on grealish sooner you blunder big time sterling on the field who a perform the best throughout the tournament and grealish u chose saka come on man

  • Lol at 4:04🤣 "we are controlling the game without the ball".. what the hell do you mean gareth? Why dont you just accept you are outplayed by italy because you park the bus

  • Most boring game ever. England didn’t deserve to win it. Anti-football from the third minute onwards. Southgate is tactically inept. He’s a therapist / psychologist brought into to erase past memories and break the negative mentality that is associated with England and tournaments. Not an iota of tactical acumen anywhere in that skull of his. Not good enough and not hard to realise when you scour his managerial past. You just have to look at his counterpart Mancini and his credentials. Pl winner with CL experience and the other downed borough and never managed at high a level again. Chalk and cheese.

  • Only southgate subbed his decision was that?

  • the pain in his voice man

  • Southgate is smart but he’s soft u need a hard manager for certain situations and that’s not him

  • Pickford did amazing As a non English person, England did really well and should be proud, I wish that they tried to attack more in the 2nd half, but regardless they got to the final with the youngest team in the tournament aside from my own country, I hope to see England in the final in the World Cup next year

  • England in 2020 has a generation similar to Espain 2010 but the only difference is Espain has a coach but England hasn't!

  • Honestly a lovely bloke, Respectable yes man for the England hierarchy. He admitted the other week that he was scared of losing games. A very defensive minded manager that doesn't suit England. To not capitalise further when we went 1 up was very frustrating to watch. You could feel an equaliser coming.. IMO i feel he should've been a bit more aggressive with his half time team talk. We was inviting Italy more and more forward as the second half wore on. The tempo we played at was slow. Rice actually was looking good making runs. Carrying the ball, Gareth should've put kalvin in front of the back 3 when going forward and let Rice and the forwards push up and pose a real attacking threat that we possess. Instead it's like they're shackled tbh. Not making the right decisions and playing very conservatively. Left Grealish too late. Could've taken Italy out before penalties but played it "Safe". Smh

  • I'm not from England, never been in England , but if you don't see how great this English team is , then go see a doctor ! I genuinely believe they have a good shot at winning the world cup in Qatar.

  • Roll on the World Cup, we will win that

  • Gareth is a great manager indeed. Thanks Gareth and the media for feeding the hype🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • John3.16-21

  • England don't deserve to win anyway cz Sterling cheated to get the penalty at semi final Denmark were robbed! Dont forget this, i guess karma got back at eng for that penalty cheat it came to bite back at eng hence the reason eng lost ah well hope this is lesson learnt for eng tbh Italy were outstanding the whole tournament and they played much better than England Italy had more quality and class in the final game they are the deserved winners Forza Italia well done Italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Turdbiscuit, with a permanently pained expression.

  • Sanjay Bhandari, chair of Kick It Out, the campaign group against racism in football, says that data from the last two seasons of football shows around 70 per cent of abuse originates overseas.

  • asie from the pks which you shoulda know better southgate, you can't hide on back after scoring so early, you got to risk a bit more and go for the second goal, italy did deserve to win because they did more in the 90 minutes

  • Never will a talented England win a tournament with coward as it's head

  • Wrong tactics, shud of out them bed first half or at least changed and kept ball in there 3rd for second half.. You lost us the game, shud of played jack more attack attack attack 🩳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • 56 years of hurt, but we played well throughout the tonament and Gareth Southgate has to stay, best england manager we have had in ages

  • When England scored the biggest bet in the country was both teams to score and Italy to win on pens,. Everyone knew what was going to happen, this guy Southgate was not willing to risk the array of attacking talent on the bench, anyway I put 100 on that bet and made 600 quid.,, Makes you wonder if you are a defensive minded manager why take a 3rd goal keeper, what did you need him to do on the training pitch, save goals from attackers who where practicing attacking formations that you was never going to use,. Why not leave the youngsters out and take Milner or Vardy, just to bring on for experience and true brut passion, admit it you got lucky if Hummel's post that ball you guys would have been out

  • England had the advantage at 1 nil Italy had to come out and attack. To get back in the game England did count attack them back Southgate park the bus and let Italy have the ball it was England we all ways going to lose

  • 5:50

  • Sakas abuse should 100% be blamed by Gareth. Yes we get it, he started national team young but if he knew the abuse would've happened he shouldnt have made that choice. But it's too late now and losing was the consequence. Even Jose and Pundits need to concentrate on other things. It happened move on from it

  • Ambition, that's what you needed Gareth. The lads had their mistakes but they fought till the end. You should be the one who inspire them to push forward.

  • Southgate you and your players have showed to the world how bastards are the Englishmen. You have whistled our anthem, you have decided not to attend the end of the ceremony and you have beaten the ItaIlan fans outside Wembley. Remember my words: in your totally useless history you have just won a title (robbed to Germany) in 1966 and nothing more. You will never win something in football in the future. Be cause you’re bastards barbarians. We are the light of humanity. ITALY. Nothing else.

  • I feel soo bad for the players but I definitely think Southgate is feeling the worst inside. He missed the pen in 96 and he probably still feels guilty about that. And losing the final must be even worst. They were soo close but just missed out. He’s done such an incredible job. Sure he’s had some issues at times but he has easily proven that this England team could become successful with him. It’s possible we could win a World Cup or Euro.

  • We should have pressed more after the 1-0 when we had the momentum and should have tried more for the second goal. If we had played our cards right we could have won it. Then Southgate went and made a complete balls up with the substititions of the 'penalty shooters', a mistake no manager should ever make, Southgate is never going to be rated as a top manager. At the very least they should have practiced penalties instead of practicing taking the knee for a hateful and violent marxist organisation.

  • He will not do anything different. He didnt observe the game just watched it.

  • Why not refreshing the team through out the whole game. ITALY made the changes... You let Kane walked many minutes. You had young talented players but didn not let them show what they got. STERLING was alone in front. Lost control, attack, possesion, velocity, etc, etc. You were an expectator of the game but not a DT this time

  • Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, the most famous English players have all missed penalties, don’t blame them for missing penalties, praise them for being courageous, let’s go again in World Cup 2022!

  • i'm not English and i did not like the way English players, fans and media behaved, but as for Southgate, yes he probably made mistakes in a final, but eventually England played in a final and that's his merit as well as players for sure.

  • Couldn’t score in ‘96, couldn’t pick the right players in ‘21. I don’t know what’s so special with this guy. He is an average manager. I can never understand why they wanted him so much… Is he really the right man for the job? 🤔

    • Southgate is a suit not a track suit

  • Cold heart and timid individuals who know neither defeat nor victory: critics! Congratulations coach you are a model and sane goes to your players . Great job .

  • flop

  • Southgate out rednap in

  • It ıs coming Rome!

  • It wasn't meant to be but im proud of my country. We got a young team and a bright future.

  • are we too nice to win? this guy gets paid for these questions.. Give over John

  • I m very sorry Gareth but a proper manager learn from his own mistakes. You didn`t learn simply nothing from the Croatia game three years ago, you can`t stop to play against such good teams and think only to defend `cause they are going to punish you.

  • So Engalnd just gave away the ball? Maybe the Italians took the ball? Team Italy was a lot better team and this is the reason England had to be defensive


  • But we’ve got players Who can hold the ball Gareth but you didn’t play them , saka and Sterling aren’t going to hold it up

  • Right players, right manager. Wrong tactics. It happens. Understandable to be cagey after a 55 year hiatus; lacking experience against a team with ⭐⭐⭐⭐ used to going to finals. Penalties are always 50:50, so 🤷. Proud of the lads getting us to the final💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👏, and knew that 🇮🇹 was the best team of the tournament with their tougher draw👏. We'll get there: WC 2018: SF, EURO 2020: F, WC 2022: 🏆🙏💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😉

  • Out of all the legends they pick Gareth why he's good aurally with the youngsters its been continued since he was young puck a fave Let's sack him and blame only him

    • The anns rally behind those tortured inspire win Live

    • Press no of the torres holes

    • Adrenqchrome trade world wide sometimes they keep the babies

    • Football camps torres

    • There's different cases in the young that have hung Like Hepburn brother old celeb of be the best and he was a magician

  • Gareth Southgate your everything a manager should be you took us to a euro final the journey was incredible. Respect 💙

  • Collectively, they All achieved the same as that Show Boating 'Italian Job' Get Away Coach Driver and that was F*ck All.

  • แรดร์ฟอร์ด ชายโซ ชาก้า ขอไห้สู้ๆ แฟนอังกฤษอยู่ไทยแลนส่งใจไปไห้เป็นกำหลังใจ ฟุตโลกนายทั้งทีมคงสร้างร้อยไห้เรามีความสุขนะครับ เราพร้อมสู้ไปกับพวกนายทุกคนครับ

  • This is like a discussion about going to the zoo and what should we take with us, where are the questions on choices, on defensive lockdowns and leaving an amazing group of talent on the bench. Politically correct Pippo

  • I get it only game but Southgate picking sacho and saka to take penalties has got to be the strangest decision to make

  • Please Mr South Gate next year in penalties let the players warm up on the field before taking Penalties. Also don't put all the pressure on a guy who never taken a competitive penalty its a disgrace.

  • what an idiot...

  • ITS ALL YOUR FAULT SOUTHGATE chose a player who didnt play a single minute and a player who is 19

  • I believe england will comeback at qatar next year

  • The way the match was managed after the goal can be summed up in a word: Impotence. Also, Southgate is too close to the players. He can’t be trusted to make the important decisions about subs when they need to be made because he doesn’t want to upset them (or something like that).

  • Wetwipe...soz meant arsewipe for blm

  • Stupid Coach , used a Chinese car instead of Ferrari

  • Bla bla bla. Too defensiv after the 1:0. And then penalties are not the thing of mister Southgate. Why are this 3 kids shooting the penalties? Where was Sterling?