How close are Man Utd to signing Raphaël Varane? | Manchester United Transfer Update

Joylandi 19-Iyl, 2021
Sky Sports News' Dharmesh Sheth says Manchester United remain in talks with Raphael Varane's camp over a move to Old Trafford, while Jadon Sancho's transfer should be announced this week.

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  • Utd just can't do signings. Any other club would of wrapped this up weeks ago. Sancho took years

    • @Mad Ting Quite surprised too

    • Its done now mate.

  • Utd haven’t got enough pieces to complete this puzzle in time to challenge city, Liverpool and Chelsea this year I think.

  • I'm a Man U big fans, but, is Varane really that good that everyone is so hyped about it..? This is quite a 'meh' for me, signing someone who already past his peak 2-3 years ago, what's so good coming out of it..? Should've signed Ruben Dias last summer instead.. Look where he is right now... We need more of a man for the future

  • This dude has zero contacts. The best contacts are those in Europe on the ground.he just sprouts out what they say and sky sports lap it up.

  • "I've been told"😅😅😅

  • This is sor wrong ita funny 😂😂🥺

  • Old regurgitated news , blah blah blah

  • So how close are they?

  • So 70 million easily attainable for the transfer but why is it always paperwork that stalls it, they run out of money for the paper at the printer in the office or something lol

  • Nonsense. "We don't know anything but we are going to hype up not knowing anything..."

  • I know the tricks here. Varane agrees personal terms with Utd, and then Real Madrid match those terms and he signs an extension

  • Sky sports are a week behind on news. Stop listening and waiting around for news that's sourced from people who run UZfire channels like the united stand and united people. They have news weeks before sky does. Sky are very lazy and only report news that smaller news channels report.

  • 현대산업개발 아이파크 정몽규😡 재건축 재개발 수주할 능력 되느냐? 약대주공 40개동1034세대 재건축 과정에서 확정지분제 약속하고 도급제로 변경 시킴, 정몽규가😡 추가분담금 1368억 발생시킴, 왜 1368억 발생 되었는지 근거 제시해봐? 설계대로 공사를 안해 단지내 도로폭이 좁아져 등기가 10년 넘어서 남으로 조합원 엄청난 피해 봄, 정몽규가 추가분담금 올려 달라고 땅 파놓고 거의1년 공사중단 웅덩이에 빗물이 고여 아이들 2명 사망했음 살인? 현대산업개발 아이파크 IPARK 에게 협조하는 조합장은 정몽규가 조합에 사업비 보내 조합장 월급 잘 받아가고 조합원을 위해 열심히 일하는 조합장 에겐 사업비 안보내 월급없음, 정몽규😡 약대주공 조합원께 사죄하고 그피해를 보상하라, 약대주공 3번째 조합장 박대복

  • This Varane transfer rumour has been going on since he was 23, literally 5 years. Yawn.

  • this guy gets all his information from untied stand😭😭

  • Remember the good old days under Ferguson when we just bought the players we wanted instead of all summer long and we still don't get the players 🤑

  • United are investing heavily to hang on to that 2nd spot for next season.

  • Is Varane without Ramos any good?

  • Out straight I'm United if Bailly played the way he did when he joined under mourinho he had good start if he can get that back he be as good as varane but to get varane would be great too I wouldn't bank on varane coming

  • If he wants a huge wage go Utd, if he wants to win silverware don’t…

    • @Mad Ting filling gaps in shite does not make them world class… something you still haven’t learned lol

    • @Mad Ting how close are they? Lmao, dreamers

    • Well isn't the whole point of filling gaps in your squad with world class players to improve your chances of winning silverware? Are you thick? No, you're just very salty. Cry.

  • when is United getting Left footed CB. . . ??

  • varane may not end up at manchester united

  • Sky sports: so Yh and no and no and Yh, it’s close but also far yet so very near, talks are positive but there seems to be negative, to conclude there seems to be agreement but maybe some disagreement

  • Varane,Sancho, Cavaminga and Resign Pogba

  • Reporter vids ex uk cop standing up against gov and police is beaten up by cops

  • Slowsports news this was news a week ago

  • Dharmesh Sheth; Skysports own Sanjid Javied (They look like twins!)

  • 3 minutes of basically saying the same thing but is a different order 😂 doesn’t half waffle on

  • What’s the point of this ?

  • When Dharmesh Sheth mentions his "sources", he's actually referring to Fabrizio Romano's twitter page 😂😂

  • Just here to tell you Fabrizio Romano has a YT channel. Shift there.

  • He speaks without actually saying anything

  • it would be the greatest mistake for Man U if they buy Varane, he is the reason real Madrid defense is lax and inactive, varane departure from real it will a great victory for real Madrid 💯

  • I thought we agreed terms with Varane already and that all that needs to be done was the two clubs need to agree a fee.

  • he looks like Gary vee lmao

  • Am sorry but pogba, lindelof, lingard, martial dalot and de gea need to be sold and get trippier and kane! How difficult can this be if you want to win trophies??

  • What way is mans foot facing

  • Just BS!!! Selling story !! In the end he did not come … just a joke

  • where does this man get his sources how are these people so out of the loops, they really need better journalists

  • MANU should go after haaland

  • Man united is being used by players when they want an increase in Salary

  • I don’t get it why would varane go United to finish 3rd and not win anything when he can stay at Madrid and probably win the league don’t get it

  • This guy is a waffler. Romano is saying personal terms are done

  • PERESONAL TERMS ARENT A PROBLEM, fab confirmed, this man 🧢

  • Why are Sky Sports so far behind with all news now, they used to be the first to know...

  • SkySports losing it's credibility. All I hear is Dharmesh Sheth echoing what Fabrizio tweets or says on his twitch

  • Sky sports are reporting old news

  • dharmesh the only one at sky who reports on united or something

  • varane is not good enought without ramos

  • This could’ve been a

  • Signing varane won’t make a difference, mark my words

  • So if varane and man Utd come to an agreement , he will be sold by Real Madrid . Real Madrid already planning to sell Varane is what I hear .

  • How to say words without actually saying anything. Jesus!

  • Sky sports talk utter nonsense! They truly are the worst sports outfit on tv.

  • This guy eat too many waffles

  • Dude literally repeated the info we all knew for weeks, crazy how so many people scavenge out of Fabrizio lol

  • This guy definitely no Fabrizio Ramano

  • Are you clear United Stand UZfire Channel...?

  • Stop putting up these videos saying varane is close to signing for united, when the deal is done, then post the video, this transfer has been done according to other people so its confusing seeing this

  • I've heard this before

  • I can do his job by watching updates from Romano 🤣

  • If I was this guy I'd sack his sources lol 95% of the time he's wrong.

  • Why would Real Madrid get rid of Ramos and Varane at the same time, makes no sense.

  • They take to long. players shouldn't be away in the sun if normal people can't get away bloody joke it should be the same rules for the rich aswell

  • I can't believe this guy gets paid by Sky for this! All he does is repeat what's already known and state obvious facts! Oh and he does love always saying full names of players and clubs for dramatic effect, classic!!! 🤣

  • What a load of crap, Sky fell off 🤣

  • Fabrizio said that the contract negotiation is not a problem so I don't know where this person is getting this information but he is happy to come to Man United it's just Real Madrid and man united got to work out a price

  • guys..... I Smell Burnt 🧇 WAFFLES

  • I wouldn't buy him for 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps .

  • fgs Sky, catch up, terms between Varane and United were agreed weeks ago. always seem to be behind.

  • Not close

  • just be honest. we’re this close 🤏 but it comes down to United offering the bid. however utd never put in a bid until they know they’ll get the player.

  • Fabrizio says there’s an agreement with the the player and he wants to join United. He is the one we believe. Far more reliable

  • What are they talking about?

  • Fabrizio >>>>>> Sky

  • Never heard so much waffle 🧇 he’ll probably end up in Bayern 😂😂😂

  • So basically he’s not signed to stop the waffling and just get to the point

  • I got you on Twitter bro you’re waffling now allow it, we heard this news like 3 weeks ago romano is clear

  • Don't care who says what with regards to any transfer for United. Until he's on the pitch playing in the shirt, I'm always sceptical. Wouldn't surprise me if the Glazers cheque bounces at dortmunds bank!🙄🤣

  • I don't trust Sky Sports News since they lied saying Gundogan was on a plane to sign for Man United 😂

  • We need to get Camavinga, Saul and Trippier as well. That would be a really good window.

    • Unfortunately this isn't FM... one of the above and it'll already be a fantastic window.

  • Does kaveh even know anything about football at all? 🤔 Let's just re word fabrizio romanos words eh we can all be pundits and presenters then, absolute used be the place now they've lost Jim White aswell as he knows the score. Sky sports needs a revamp rapid

  • 😂 call me, i will give u more latest news than this. 3 weeks latest than sky sports. I m serious. 😂

  • 3 minutes 26 seconds to listen to something you'd read in 10 seconds on Twitter!

  • Lol these guys actually don't know what they talking about it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Sky sport is the worse outlet in England , they are so slow with every single news… Varane agreed personal terms like weeks ago but they still don’t know that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • Sky Sports is almost comparable to Boris Johnson. A lot of hot air and waffle and very little facts.

  • Basically Sky know nothing!

  • All the pl clubs scrambling over the transfer window I love it

  • Hope it’s done ASAP and don’t long it out

  • Varane can't wak for us his very tired we need new denfenders

  • Who wish to see him signing for man utd?

  • What a signing he would be.Real Madrid losing 2 of their best CB in one transfer window ouch

  • Your reports are always authentic

  • Sky sports news are as slow as their WiFi

  • How the hell is he getting paid to talk so much waffle

  • They used to be the go to for news, instead they are at least 2 weeks behind the curve.

  • I've started thinking of this bald dude as "Mr. No News". Everytime I see his face in the thumbnail, I know nothing has actually happened.

  • IF the move gets through, would be interesting to see how Varane & Maguire would link up. They're both currently at the same prime age.

  • Why our transfers are ALWAYS so slow