"It's a major national moment!" | Gary Neville previews England vs Germany | Euros Podcast

Joylandi 28-Iyn, 2021
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Gary Neville spoke on the Sky Sports Football Euros Podcast, your home of the best debate, discussion and analysis throughout the tournament. Head to skysports.com/podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts to listen and subscribe to the show.

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  • Nice hair color Gary

  • Well done he called it

  • Funny watching this after the fact, he was absolutely spot on

  • Sehr gut gemacht England 👍🇩🇪

  • Couldn't stand him as a player (I'm a Liverpool fan, what of it), but Gary Nev called this so accurately, right down to the impact sub. He really called this very well. Knows his onions.

  • Red Nev

  • England can play better and win the euros. Germany, go home and get rid of everything, and restart. What a disappointing euro tournament.

  • Really disappointed with the line up played into Germany hands wouldn't be surprised if Germany scored in the last 5mins to knock out England

  • Pete is an Alien

  • Has vagina forehead dyed his hair? If so, looks good!

  • I thought he died his hair

  • Kimich will single handedly destroy English

  • Where are you at Gary in your grow room

  • England will park the bus, barely get out of their half, then lose on penalties.

  • kane needs to bag today

  • Why is the audio quality so poor? You'd think with the money Sky have got, the production levels would be 6th-form level at least.

  • People like Gary always cost 🇬🇧

  • Since when did the English become such Nancy boys? Talking about winning through penalties. My God, what a load of bullocks.

  • This guy ain't got a clue about football bring back the proper pundits on sky sports used to like watching sky sports going right down hill bt sport the new champion better pundits now

  • The connection is bad. :-(

  • Is Neville in a bird hide?

  • i wonder whether he will start saka at lwb

  • Gary 'Switzerland have no chance against France' Neville. Can't wait for his pearls of wisdom

    • @Jabber 1974 I literally put money on Switzerland to win after Gary said this, I knew they had a chance at that point 😂. Didn't win anything mind, had them 2-1.

    • To be fair 99.99% of the population of earth would have put money on France beating Switzerland

  • Kane has been dreadful so far 💩

  • safe hands Gareth will see the players all wear their seatbelts on the bus that he's going to try and park... and if he has to drive it forward it will be in first gear with the handbreak on..

  • Spine tingling stuff from Gary at the end there. Massively up for it now.

  • awful audio for a pro organisation

  • Loves Southgate for some unknown reason.

  • Deluding ourselves if we think were gonna control this game, they'll have the majority of the ball. Its what we do with it when we've got it

  • Is Gary in the reptile enclosure at London Zoo?. Suppose that makes sense.

  • Germany going to smash England..too many deluded English fans 😂😆

    • @Will Sommers oh no! Anyway

    • Play in london can write History Change for england. ITS the Change write a other Capital today. Can they can they Not !?! This can BE Sides If they. Allow Germany Horsepower agianst this Victory ?!!? Doesnt Matter we can enjoy this match.

    • I hope they do and I'm English. This team and management do not represent me or my family and until they do I will not be supporting them.

  • Again bad analysis. The reason why England will suffer is called Goretzka he will expose ur weak midfield and boss it easily. Think Germany will go with 433 Süle coming in for Ginter, playing Kimmich Goretzka and Müller in Midfield like at Bayern and Gnabry Havertz Werner up front. In germany we already laugh a bit bc the english media seems to be confident and no one in Germany can explain why lol

    • Yeah goretzka really killed us 😂😂😂 goodbye, enjoy packing your suitcases 😘😘👋👋

  • They dont play as a team. Been way too many changes in the build up. Gareths been there long enough, he should know his system and who he wants in it. He worries about the opposition instead of playing to your strengths. Not gonna win anything like that. Even picking players but not playing a system that suits them. He seems to listen to the media and picks the team based on that. Need Kane to be on form but this team isnt helping him. Germany look a bit more settled and of course have the better mentality, which is critical.

  • im fed up of everyone underestimating England. They say Germany outplayed england in a friendly in wembley yet they will never talk about how Kane outclassed Germany in their own turf after winning 3-2. Its time England stands up and proves the critics wrong. We march to victory or we march to defeat, but WE GO FORWARD ONLY FORWARD! - Stannis Baratheon

  • The echo is so annoying.

  • I'm kinda stunted that Jamie vardy is not in our team.

  • England: We're going to win this one.. Germany: Hold my Sauerkraut...

  • I really hope we win. Quarter finals is either Sweden or Ukraine and the semi-finals is either Denmark or the Czech's. There's never been a bigger opportunity to get to a final than this.

  • i would switch Sterling / Saka with Grealish/Sancho/Foden, no Trippier. Walker on right wing, shaw on left. but i am no coach.

  • If Southgate doesn’t play Sancho, then we are already home.

  • The amnesia is strong in this section. In the last tournament (amongst the entire planet), Gareth Southgate, led the youngest World Cup squad of the tournament to finish semi finalists, and 4th best team in the world that year. Having already convincingly beaten the same team that ended England's hopes in 2018, in the group stages this tournament, its not any stretch of the imagination to hitch a bet on England as one of the favourites to shock this year. Two past champions in France and Portugal, are now out of the picture...I'm saying it's coming home and you can quote me on MOTD.

  • He said Italy played well in the odd game? Italy played well in for the first two group gamed and won 3-0 in both. Made 8 changes for the third and still played well and won 1-0 and I must say played better than England did in every match just in that one game alone and then played well in the first half of the match against Austria and the first half of Extra Time also. This guy shows his bias everytime.

  • Yet again Garry hyping up the 'occasion' putting more pressure on the boys. As if they don't have enough pressure on them already

  • He says it's not negative to play for penalties against Germany lol. Some spoofer that lad.

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  • Where is Gary broadcasting from? A fishing camp, mobile home, or is he sitting on his outdoor toilet?

  • cant wait for england parking the bus and cry after the game about the ref

  • If we win gary should dye his hair red white and blue 😉

  • Its 50 50 but germany git the england bonus

  • Funny how Germany consider Italy and the Netherlands more of a rival than England but here in England we rate the Germans whereas Not much significance is placed on the rivalry in Germany. Why's that ?

  • Come on England🎆 we can win 👑😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛👌✌the euro😛😇🎉🎈2021

  • Neville channelling his inner punk with the Red Barnet 🤘🏻

  • Oh

  • Ha ha ha ha ha! England and penalties against the masters of mental strength! This will have to be something special for England to win it that way! But we shall see! The only thing I will say is it’s just about time for the England once a flood win! Rare as anything but due! But will have to be over before the pens! For sure! So let’s pray it’s not a bore draw - which is what I’m expecting!

  • Absolute coin slot between Gary Nevilles eyebrows

  • Nice of Gary to dye his hair red to show support for England!

  • This is so hard to listen to. Is Gary too big to wear headphones?! Poor interviewer having to listen to his own voice while trying to ask questions. 🤦‍♂️

  • The english are obsessed with the germans but the germans don't give them a second thought.

  • Gary needs to turn off his speakers. or turn then down to nothing.

  • Football is born in England ! I think you are can bether sing the Hymne as germany ! For long time your have Mr keegan ! You know!? Okay, i will you can sing the Hymne in the Name from your King! Tomorrow your must rum of your country ! The play is go on 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Watching Cro - Esp… Dont see England winning the Euros.

  • I like Gary's Ronald McDonald hair 🤣

  • This game and tournament is England's to lose! With the players they have, with English clubs dominating Europe, playing att home against an average German team, they should feel under pressure!

  • England are pish

  • Gary’s accent makes it look like England will win 7-0 lol

  • Get becks out of retirement

  • This game will be won (or lost) on mentality in my opinion. If we turn up overly pressured of the occasion like England usually do, we will likely collapse. If they go there and play their hearts out and don't feed into the pressure, then they have a massive chance. Obviosuly we've hardly been scintillating so far, however, we have been defensively solid and have largely avoided silly errors. We are yet to concede a goal, which for an England side, is a breath of fresh air. If we can keep that, and have more of an attacking threat and Kane with his shooting boots on, then we have every chance. Germany are always resilient, but you get the feeling that they're vunerable and this may well be the time to catch them

  • "Apparently" Kane is worth £150m..?.."One" shot on target, no goals in these Euros...the way he is going, by the time England get knocked out come Tuesday, Spurs will be lucky to get £1.50p for him.

    • @James M. Duffy ...?...He didn't score the winner, the game was already won by Sterling, while Kane did nothing and long before Kane did one of the only two things he has done all Competition. Not to mention that goal was handed to him on a plate. My Gran would have scored that one and she has been dead 40 odd years I am sure as an Englishman you are glad that England sent Germany packing, but lets be honest, they were packing before the Tournament even started, so no surprise. But please, feel free to feel glad, after all, it will probably be another 55 years before it happens again on a knockout game. I have no doubt that England should beat Ukraine but after 63 years and never won the Euros, I wouldn't hold my breath of it happening any time soon, especially once England come up against either Belgium, Italy, or Spain.

    • @Neo Varley Downes who scored the winner against you? Reading this comment makes me glad Kane sealed the deal on you lot packing your suitcases. Goodbye 😘👏

    • @chris haswell True and a very good point, but at least he is...sorry..."was" lol, doing his bit, I have yet to see Kane do anything! Although granted Mbappe did have his penalty saved. Personally i think the only one that lived up to/is living up to so far, his billing, was Lewandowski. Just a shame he is Polish. I can only imagine how effective he would be if he played for one of the top Nations... How I wish he was actually German, rather than just played there, sigh! We could certainly do with him.

    • Could the same about Mbappe

  • The difference between why Germany will win and England will lose...When Low was asked what he thought the outcome will be, he replied "It will be a tough game, but if we play to the standard we are capable of of playing, I feel we will win it by the odd goal."...When Southgate was asked, all he could talk about was how they practiced penalties and how he hoped it it came to it, it went in England's favor this time....?....I take it he does not think England can win it in normal playing time them and would rather rely on a penalty shoot-out...Lost before they have even kicked a ball.

    • @James M. Duffy One fish to reel in. Would you like some more bate to go with that :0) Besides, wrong or not, England still have that defeatist attitude and will never win another trophy ever again, as long as they hang on to that.

    • See ya 👋

    • Wrong

  • Clickbait is getting too mental these days. The red hair ffs

  • We play such dull, insipid football but I hope we play well enough to win.

  • If Sancho were German, he'd be in their starting 11

  • One more football pest. We remember your reaction against the proposed Super League...

  • Neville is a Red!

  • 3-1 england and go onto win it

  • Saka better than rashford because better football brain and decision maker

  • It's not that deep

  • I wish.... England lose miserably. Go Germany!

  • gary neville = 👎👎

  • What's with the red hair ? How old is he

  • England are going to win the euros, until they knocked out 😂

    • Germany Show the Reverse Card in UNO

  • its hilarious that neither side is confident.

  • Yeah Gary for sure - as Wayne Campbell would say “ exqueeze me , baking powder!! Yeah , England will beat Germany on penalties and monkey’s will fly out of my butt”

  • Easily 6-0 Germany. England are maybe the 10th best side at the competition 😂

  • Neville, turn your laptop down you spanna!

  • Gary “do you know something?” Neville.

  • He is such a clown.

  • overly cautious waffle from Gary Neville.

  • Gary 'Moment' Neville

  • Can’t use two DM’s , far too negative for the squad we have.. 433 is the way forward

  • How on earth did the sky sports crew not hear the damm echo.

  • Leon Goretzka is the biggest threat

  • Can someone please, finally, tell Neville to wear headphones for these?! The echoes are driving me mad- again!

  • Echo or Sancho 😩

  • Our media kill us off. Just let the boys play they already know how big it is they dont need constant reminding

  • Gary Neville as a football pundit is akin to Sharo Osbourne judging talent.

  • Is that Barney from HIMYM?!

  • We're so slow and negative! We'll be found out tomorrow as we won't attack German's main weakness which is their slow defence. They'll be whipping balls in to Muller and Havertz high & low, fast or slow. Goretzka will give them more oomph in the middle and Kroos will spread the play for them. Fast and direct play hurts them not backwards and sideways passes!

  • I just have a feeling this is going to be a high scoring game, can't see England going 4 games without conceding, likewise, can't see Harry Kane going 4 games without scoring. Result 3-2 England, scorers Kane 2, Tripier 1 (free Kick). Hang on to your seats, it is going to be a roller coaster of a ride

  • ITS COMIN HOME🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿