"Negativity won't break me" | Bukayo Saka speaks out following Euro 2020 final disappointment

Joylandi 15-Iyl, 2021
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Bukayo Saka spoke to for the first time following Euro 2020 final disappointment stating he expected to be targeted by racists on social media following his penalty miss but insists the negativity will not "break" him.
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  • Total respect for Saka, a great young player who carried the weight of the last penalty at only 19 yo. He was awesome during the whole euro2020. Greetings from Italy

  • Amazing footballer

  • This lad and the rest of England football team done us proud and will do us proud in years to come...whoever has been rude towards him and others are Just jealous my man...you will bring it home for us one day I believe, you played well and keep on working hard

  • The youngsters that came up and took a penalty had the courage to step up to it don't worry saka rashford and sancho England will come back again🔥

  • This is so sad

  • He's only 19 remember Saka, Mistakes make us stronger and better next time

  • 1 reason why Italy goalkeeper saved those pens *HE WAS OFF HIS LINE*

  • Having a penalty saved isn’t a ‘miss’.

  • Wish you all the best Saka on your very successful journey. ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👏

  • Top lad I can't wait to see him when he's older he's only 19 he's definitely going to take England all the way at some point! Thankyou Saka for everything this euros! ❤

  • Instead of making him, Sancho and Rashford Martyrs how about we address how racism is still rifling in football after the multiple campaigns to keep out and how about we address how an entire Black population were prepared for racism to be an outcome if England lost or if England won… ignoring the issue isn’t solving the issue by the way xx

  • Pizza Hut advert anyone.

  • Black athletes always play BLM card after failures… grow up and stop whining

  • No need to say sorry you’ll get a chance at the 2022 World Cup and the many cups after that await you

  • Saka is a credit to football top top guy im an arsenal fan but forget that he will be a world beater... And as some one else has already said he has nothing to apologise for he's a jewel in a crown he's special can't speak more highly of him love u saka

  • Italy players I'm conning for u, u gays

    • fighting racism with homophobia?

  • Well, I was expecting this, as a Nigerian I must confess that england tried and deserve to be commended for their efforts... The truth is I knew they'll be racial backlash, As an African, my message for Africans and people of black heritage is this, no matter how good you're in a non black majority country, you'll still be a stranger, no matter the success you achieve in the land of the white man, you'll still be a stranger, it isn't our country, it isn't our culture, let this be a wake up to call to africans, we must build Africa. How long shall we continue to flee Africa to other parts of the world in search of "greener pastures" , england is for English men, Spain for Spanish men, we are Africans, it hurt me to see that on this concluded euro 2020, many European teams had at least one player of color there, I ask myself how many whites do you see play during the afcon..? Why? Because we havent built our own, our sports, our continent and it makes it unattractive... Let us wake up as blacks and put our house in order

  • Saka saw overrated don't give him another England call up to young not mentally strong enough.

  • Saka was crucial in the goal against Denmark. So we might not have even made the final without him.

  • Top man Saka - the whole nation is behind you !

  • saka❤️

  • Your a highly paid professional athlete and uou screwed up - that’s how it goes you get back lash - if you don’t like it quit and work at the grocery store and your soft little delicate ass won’t have to cry about the bad words you get when your multi million dollar famous ass screws up like a chump

  • I support Italy in finals not because i am against England,im not like others and i don't hate anyone. Italians are my neighbors and also one of my favorite countries in the world. But it’s really ugly what happened to your young players, we’re all human and there’s no place for racism. I hope they are okey. It can happen to anyone to miss a penalty, and that’s part of football, a sport we all love,full of emotions,tears,smiles and pride. You have a great young team and I’m sure you’ll get that trophy. A team like this with so many young players can only grow. Heads up England and Saka,Rashford and Sancho❤

  • The fact that he was trusted over other “veteran strikers” tells me he’s a great player. Plain and simple. He’s so young. He’s gotta deal with carrying an entire Arsenal team on his shoulders in a month from now. Let him be

  • Some player this boy . Big future .this team will return in QATAR. but won't win cos its t warm . 🙂

  • Follow Howdow37 on TikTok

  • Saka u r skillful plyr,forget abt that miss.Even jorginho choke man.U will be a Superstar in few yrs.Hope u will be discipline & not ego like ur english team.Come play in spain or italy.forget england.

    • Why would he want to play in Italy? Look at the abuse Lukaku gets there and many other players. Worse than England.

  • What a guy

  • Noob!!!

  • Lil chilli I love you and have always stood by your side. Head up 👑 🌶❤️

  • I have to give Saka respect for his courage to play for England in the Euro finals however he has room for progression as he’s inexperienced.

  • I hate racism as a human we r all equal

  • Remember most of the tweets etc were sent from outside the UK Sky won't tell you that bit

  • Lets do a English test on him A☆ LOL

  • I feel sorry for the lad, the pressure would have been immense. Blame Southgate for being tactically inept

  • It is hard to loose a final but this team shows progress, semifinal in WC2018, final now… they already joined the elite, the next step will come, I’m sure of it

  • Is coming Rome

    • It's already home, Chelsea champions of Europe 🤣


  • Quality player, Hold your head high 👏

  • Idk, Italians played better than colonists. Score is fair.

    • Italy was imperialist as well

  • We sometime forget social media is a platform open for all types of people including criminals and that's why is almost uncontrollable .I once got a weird comment from a guy who was already serving life in prison . So , no one should stress out out or bothered by comment made by someone you can't even visually see . Just my opinion .

  • A top player with awesome skills He is world class

  • Stay strong you made a country proud🇮🇹

  • Stay strong saka your better then me I miss every penalty

  • Go to home without cup, and eat pasta asciutta, spaghetti, mozzarella, pizza, great the queen for me.. Poor deluded hihihihi

  • Respect lad ❤️

  • Didnt most of the rasist abuse come from accounts in other country's, none of the players let England down a few fans did that. The players are role models. Well done England. Love you all.

  • If these racists can do this to a 19 year old kid, imagine what they do behind closed doors

  • 0:17 “racists in the ass-termath” Hehehe Big up Saka👏🏻

  • It was all Southgate's fault for putting him and Sancho in those spots. Especially him. Grealish said he wanted to take a shot. He should have went after Rashford. Will Southgate ever actually learn from his own 1996 error? Pain...

  • Saka has absolutely NOTHING to apologise for! He is a huge part of why we got that far in the first place! Don’t give these pathetic racists nerds the attention they so desperately crave. WE the majority love and support you Saka! ❤️

  • He wont break himself!💖💖💖💖

  • So u missed a penalty how many greats have missed how many people miss every day we love you all u did us so proud look how far we came don't ever succumb to the hate guys this is our England we are so so proud.

  • Sakaaaaaaaaa we love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Love Saka. Hate the race-baiting, overblown media coverage.

  • If England gets to penalty on World cup, I bet none of the England players, especially the black players would wanna take PK... It's just sad the amount pressure we place on the team, it's best not to expect too much and just support the team.

  • A very low level of refereeing is perceived in this Euro20-21 and we have seen referees who have allowed the toughness in the game with many fouls supporting the team that destroyed the game and not the one that created it, for example Spain against Poland where it benefited Poland or Denmark against the Czech Republic where Denmark it benefited and many more footbal matches where is clearly benefited at one team. Please, Neutral referees such as Antonio Mateu Lahoz for example should be chosen. Thanks and take care.

  • Getting to the final is a huge accomplishment


  • Stay strong Raheem, Jadon and Saka love always over hatred..Big congratulations to England team just remember guys you are all winners still.I am a Jamaican living in Connecticut, USA and I lived in England for 3 years.I am also a big Man United fan.

  • He didn’t miss his penalty it got saved by a world class goalkeeper, unlucky. England reached a final which is a monumental achievement, well done England 😀😀

    • It was a bad penalty, he didnt look confident enough, Donaruma is a bang on average goalie

    • @Zipboy46 i was actually excited when he missed and England lost, and of course not all penalties are top corner or whatever. All im saying is in terms of “good penalties” top corner like Maguires is as good as it gets. 0.0001% chance of saving that. If you can’t do top corner with lots of power then go for bottom corner like Harry Kane still very low % chance of saving that even if the keeper dived the right way. Sakas penalty was weak and after he dived the right way the Italian goalkeeper was basically guaranteed to save it. Perfect height and perfect distance to save. He still had to dive the right way under all that pressure so credit to him for that though.

    • @K K Bruno Fernandes is one of the best penalty takers and a lot of the time doesn’t put a lot of power and mostly doesn’t go in the top corner and if Donnarumma didn’t save it you would be excited that England scored and wouldn’t even be thinking if it’s a good penalty or not

    • @Zipboy46 sure but it’s hardly “unlucky”. A good penalty is top corner or at least bottom corner and has lots of power. Sakas penalty had little power and was aimed directly where the goalie would be if he dived the right way

    • Exactly someone who understands he didn’t miss it donnarumma saved it

  • Sake saka now....

  • He was Fantastic all through the tournament. It took a lot of courage to step up for penalties. Love & respect.

  • Not his fault ...southgates fault for choosing him when other more experienced players are there.

  • He should a play for Nigeria. have you ever seen a Israel player playing other than Israel no you and other black players who are African dissent will never be accepted as European so please stop embarrassment and be proud of your Africaness

  • Sad reality 😢... still racism ... 😢 ... "love always wins"

  • Every single player from starting 11 to the few we didn't see play made every british football fan proud to be English after a hard time. They have nothing to be sorry for and on behalf of the real football fans we thankyou and sorry for the ones that forgot which players got us to the final. Semi-final ..... Final......Winners?

  • His pen was garbage 🗑😂😂😂✊🏿

    • It got saved by a world class keeper

    • Coming from you who can’t even kick a ball 🙄

  • If I was any England player I'd hand in my notice and quit playing for this football team. Nothing but embarrassing and disgusting. I'm proud to be English but not so sure anymore. It's more than football.

  • It brought us altogether cheering on our country and our great football team World Cup here we come

  • It was just a pen. Chin up young man. You played great. On to the next one.

  • Go home Saka!

    • @Labib Raffique cap

    • @Bad Pit if he hadn't played England wouldn't have got to the final

    • @The Force cap

    • He is home he is British 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and proud to be

  • We didn't mainly lose because of him. We mainly lost because of PSEUDO LIBERALISM!

  • This guy is not to blame, southgate is, letting this 19 year old take the most important pen this country has ever had, southgate and his anti football tactics, we want to see beautifull football with saka, greelish foden, not this holding midfielders who cant even have the vision to pass the ball to harry kane, like how hard can it be, pass the ball to kane,, anyway thats all i want beautiful football, in 100 years time it won't matter anyway so why not go beautiful football, southgate and his side to side passes, gets on my nerves

    • Pseudo liberalism at it's finest.

  • Good for him and very proud of his character.💕💕💕

  • Man, Saka had the absolute dream shot. That shot, a penalty for the cup with your country - that is the shot you dream of as a kid. Poor guy. So sad that his first thought was the amount of racial abuse he was about to receive. This world is fucked up.

  • 48 racists- get out of football you scumbags

  • You have done yourself proud and your country mate these idiots want to take a look at them selves why they think like they do they have a real problem with there selves

  • Geogie Boy Missed for Italia so there's no givens . Even Kane missed one , So the best 2 pen takers in the world miss .

    • @ScottJrRamage no

    • @dave from the pub don't he have like a 90% conversion rate?

    • Jorginhos penalties are focking shite. Looks cool when it goes it but realistically it’s impractical and ineffective.

  • lol loser

  • Totally Agree With it all! Saka, you are Stunning!!

  • Dude you helped us beat Germany your a legend

  • I knew you would stay strong, i dont care if u play for arsenal and im a spurs fan, your our boy and we are so proud of you saka, top guy. Lots of love my man.

  • Bukayo Sucker is a good footballer.

  • Hate won't break him, says the matey who bottled his penalty and cried.

  • We love you Saka, ignore those trolls

  • Saka is a great player and doesn’t deserve this, he is very young and has loads of potential. From a Spurs fan

    • I remember 1996. Southgate was embraced not hated, by the vast majority of fans. It's only things who get nasty about it and they'll use race if they can.

    • @M R stfu

    • @TACMAL no one said that stfu

    • Yeh same literally though he’s been amazing and for what the poor thing -spurs fan too

    • @TACMAL so because he earns so much more than the average human, he should be able to deal with that immense pressure nobody of us will ever feel? At the end of the day Saka is still a human as you and I and nobody is perfect, mistakes happen

  • I can assure you these small minded comments are from exactly that...small minds. You and your team have done the nation proud. Ill always back England to win while characters like your self are in the squad. Lots of love x

  • He is a champion..


  • So incredibly proud of this young lad and this whole team. He had such guts to take that penalty and no matter the outcome, he and the rest of the lads conducted themselves admirably. Which the same could be said of the so called 'fans.' Chin up Sako, you'll be back better and stronger!

  • As Harry Kane said: "If you are abusing anyone on social media you are not an England fan and we do not want you". We love the England team and we are all very proud!!!

    • Took my words right out my mouth🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • The sad truth which will be overlooked by so many is the fact that these boys expected this, what does that say about the world we live in, walking up to take a penalty all the while being awere that if you miss, the most evil of evils will beset you is truly brave and it was for that fact that I applaud this young man.

    • Massive respect to the three young men 👍

  • I can't be the only who was thinking he had crocodile tears... Fair plays to the lad...brave to step up

    • He is a fake. Should try his hand at acting.

  • At last someone who calls out the multi billionaire social media owners for doing nothing to stop this abuse, they seem to only act against people when they want to and that's avoiding their responsibility.

    • Are you serious? Try commenting even mildly critical on his accounts and your comment willl get taken down. Remember... Mildly critical not even racial. Not that I beleive in racial abuse. That's wrong.

  • MY STARBOY🌶!!!! Bukayo always plays his heart out for the badge. So proud of our young lion.COYG🔴⚪!!!!!!!

  • Other than Rashford, I still can't figure out why did Southgate choose Sancho and Saka to take those penalties ? There was Raheem, Henderson, Walker, Grealish, Trippier....

    • @LMC I know it's a 50/50 chance. Even Messi misses penalties. But picking inexperienced players to take penalties for the final game? A 19 year old for the 5th penalty for the final match ?! I'm sure Southgate is still thinking of how stupid that decision of his was.

    • Regardless of who was available, you're never guaranteed to score a penalty. Kane missed against Denmark so any one of those you mentioned could have missed. Not everyone is going to score so sadly, someone is always going to be the one who effectively loses it for the team. Unfortunately this time it was England on the losing side - next year in the WC, it may go our way

    • Dunno bout the others but grealish said he wanted to take one .. Rashford should be totally ashamed of himself and so should southgate .

  • The boy is well educated,talented and discipline...GOD bless you bukayo and England Team.

  • A city fan here saka is quality and class I would love him and Phil foden playing at the etihad sometime in the future

    • @IceyRO 😂 no Phil Wouldn’t do that he’s a city fan And saka is a arsenal fan

    • Or they could both join Jadon and Marcus 😂

  • This is an extraordinary bunch of players. Hard working, principled, Humble, and not afraid to speak about and actively involve themselves wholly in the issues that they care about. What character he showed with that post. Apparently the guy is just universally loved by everyone he works with, and when you add that ability to the picture. He’s got a massive future ahead of him.... from a Spurs fan.

    • The were extraordinarily bad at penalties , Great at kneeling tho