"Personal terms aren't expected to be a problem" 👀 | Varane to Manchester United latest

Joylandi 14-Iyl, 2021
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Dharmesh Sheth gives the latest on Raphaël Varane's propsosed move to Manchester United and the latest on Jadon Sancho's move to the Red Devils.

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  • Can't wait for Sancho to play for the enemy of the club he left and watch his mate foden lift title after title for years until he retires a broken man

  • 😂🤦‍♂️

  • I never listen to him anymore after talking complete rubbish about sancho last year

  • Sajid Javid should stick to being the Health Secretary than reporting

  • He is always been told, but my question is; been told by who exactly?

  • Look at man u becoming like Chelsea and man city, spending doesn't guarantee success

  • Why are they so behind

  • Just do the smart thing and make a cash + swap deal with Phil Jones

  • Sky sports news is a joke let’s be honest

  • How do these people get these cushy overpaid jobs he just told us what we already knew b4 him hes obviously reading somebody's podcast

  • It’s funny nothing happen yet and sky sports can make 10 videos of the same discussion. Lol

  • Slow Sports News

  • Sky sports and BBC are the only half reliable sources with transfers.

  • Is that sajid javid?

  • Dharmesh Seth is doing a good job.

  • Keep calm and follow fabrizio romano

  • "I'm being told" by some guy on UZfire...

  • Lol I remember when sky used to break news. They have no intel

  • Varane just using United to get a better deal with Madrid. Sergio Ramos taught him well

  • Slow sports news.

  • This deal seems very close. Well congrats to him on his new contract with Real.

  • Go go Manchester United

  • For Man Utd is better to buy Skrinar

  • Sky sports are the internet explorer of the transfer world 😴

  • Darmesh is an embarressment to Sky. He hasnt got a clue whats going on

  • Fabrizio Romano has literally made sky sports irrelevant. Back in the day this was everyone’s go to source, now no ones cares what sky sports say

    • It's been irrelevant for years really. As soon as twitter came along, you could instantly find out about transfers from respected sources.

  • He looks like Sajid Javid

  • These presenters act like there announcing the biggest news that theres ever been in the history of humans ! Smh

  • No way Jose

  • Envious job .. keep talking and not be accountable for it...lucky Dharmesh Bhai...

  • Slow sports news jumping on 3 days old information that other Tier 1 journalists reported on a few days before. Sky were the only ones saying Sancho's wages were an issue last summer whereas all the other Tier 1's including Romano said it was never an issue

  • I can't wait for this move.

  • How did Man United "get permission" if they haven't spoken to Real Madrid. If they just got "permission" from the agent, that is tapping up. Just wait until Real Madrid find out. That will certainly mean there is no hope and bob hope of a deal being done.

  • It's plain robbery that Phil Jones hasn't won a ballon D'or. He's world class defender whom Ramos couldn't lace his boots..

  • This “journalist” gets paid for refreshing Romano’s Twitter feed.

  • Why is this absolutely pointless information so important. Who actually cares about the whole world and how they can help you to my bestie and what you are doing what you do and what you do and what you do and what you do and what you do and what you do my best to do so much on your head up and rest tonight and you're going to be awkward with the kids and I don't mind covering your shift but I'm sure the other one would be a good 3rd round for the weekend though 9935 9935 is a good one 1⃣ who?

  • When they say personal terms ain't a problem means Player will join Manchester United after 2 years.. we have seen same with jadon Sancho.. still waiting for Sancho's official confirmation 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sounds like this guy has to read twitter before he has anything to say. Nothing new here that's not been mentioned on twitter long before this was aired. Just wow. Also at this point when this aired, ROma had made a loan offer to United about Telles. United refused and do not want him to go on loan. Im a better news source then this guy.

  • 2:50 pogba is on the same situation maybe they change both to PSG

  • Let's just get this running varane bigger than Sancho it's that simple

  • United are sh*t

  • Thank you for simply quoting Fabrizio . Sky should just get him

  • Slow sports ..

  • This is a whole lotta zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

  • Fabrizio literally gave an update stating United are in direct talks with Madrid

  • Wow tell us something we don't already know!

  • Sky is so far behind the ball 😂😂

  • This is absolutely awful journalism and United have 100 percent already spoken to real Madrid, so that just shows how much this guy knows

  • This guy just regurgitate whatever Fabrizio Romano has said already.

  • Rubbish reporting, thanks Sky 👍

  • Useless info!

  • Any update on Camavinga and getting a Striker

  • MY UNITED WILL BE BACK.... CHAMPION.... ❤️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ❤️

  • Slow Sports News, just regurgitating what Romano said weeks ago

  • Old news baldy

  • What the heck?? The female reporter says "is it finally at an end with SANCHEZ"! Not "Sancho"!!! What the heck??

  • Dharmesh gets his info from Fabrizio confirmed 😉

  • How Dharmesh has made a career out of this is amazing. This can’t be called journalism surely…

  • This is what is called ‘stealing a living’

    • @The Flash Listen, I would let the guy off if he just stated that he watched a Fabrizio Romano video on UZfire. But the guy is clearly on there as a guy ‘ITK’. And the sly way he presents his info - ‘from what I’m hearing etc...” is making out like he has sources that us mere mortals don’t. But, in truth I could have done that interview and given as much info as he did from watching ‘The United Stand’ channel A WEEK EARLIER. So, yes. That guy is very much stealing a living.

    • Not really, it’s called “reporting the information you have”, doesn’t matter who from or when he got his information, he’s just saying what he knows right now, it’s pretty much how things work mate

  • ‘I’m told’ aka I’ve seen Romano tweet about the situation

  • Fabrizio Romano reporting this days ago.. y'all behind the ball

  • Spanish in the beginning?

  • I really hope Raphael Varane becomes a Manchester Utd player.

  • Latest content especially for adults

  • Every new video anywhere containing Sancho or Varane, is the same story every day just said different. Finally 1 has came, but hear the same thing for weeks over Varane lol

  • Slow Sports

  • He’s reading BBC’s Gossip page

  • To get this straight to everyone that is saying this is last weeks news. Sky will ONLY report news that is 100%. Journalists such as Fabrizio Romano source their information from informatives they are involved with. Sky is given its news to report

  • Bollox

  • 9 months later 😂😂😂 sky sports are so slow

  • Apparently according to The Sun Varane is house hunting in Manchester

    • “According to the sun”💩

  • Varane will never sign with united. Seems like Ramos 2.0. Using united for a better contract.

    • Just wait and see. Dont keep your hopes up.

    • @JM Phuhuck HERE WE GO

    • @JM Phuhuck Madrid have a big debt, that's why they should let their star leave, to reduce the cost. Madrid has given Varane to talk with other club and man united and Varane has already had agreement according to a few reports. The problem here is only about the price deal between Madrid and Man United

    • @JA Adji letting him go will cripple the entire team in case of a major injury at the back. A team can never compete with three CBs only. Lets wait and see, and i hope am proven wrong.

    • In this pandemic situation, Madrid can't offer him any better

  • I feel like this will drag on until deadline day. It's not even far away deadline day and overall this tranfer window could be a disappointing one if United don't buy Camavinga or Rice. Also no striker. No goalkeeper since United don't know who their number one is

  • varane and maguire, wat an unstoppable duo it will be

  • I never look at Sky for transfer news now. The media and journalism has changed so much. Christian Falk, Fabrizio Romano, David Ornstein, Mohammed Bouhafsi, Edu Polo and so on are at the party much faster than Sky. And Sky only ever seems to have news for Manchester United. There's another couple of clubs and supporters that exist. I understand that they want their views, but another way to get views is to release more content and it would be nice to see more clubs hearing news about transfers than hearing about Sancho for the 633,489th time.

  • Damn, Sky should offer me a job, because I knew these things already 😂

  • 🔥🔥

  • Just shows us why fabrizio is the king when it comes to transfer updates

  • Looks like sajid javid

  • Nothing New. Just some recycled news from FAB and TUS 😅

  • slow sports are fabrizio romano’s children

  • the news is the same, they just change the way they say it

  • Sky is literally dying as a broadcaster. BT took the champions league & europa , cant even remember who took la liga from them and now Eddie Hearn has taken boxing away to DZAN. Sky is going to end up behind BT , DZAN , Amazon etc in next 12-18 months and only have handful of EPL , Championship and SPL games.

  • Dharmesh just follows Fabrizio on twitter and Instagram 🤣🤣🤣

  • Last time you guys said personal terms won't be a problem they signed Sancho a year later.

  • What was she talking in the first 6 seconds of the video

  • Guess this is going to deadline day then

  • Very delayed transfer news 😒

  • slow sports news, no offense. way better sources on twitter such as the GOAT Fabrizio Romano amongst many others

  • Lol United splashing the cash what a surprise.

  • How is it that clubs speak to other clubs about a player they're interested in before speaking to the players agents??? Surely a club speaks to the player first to see if they're interested in coming to your club before going to their present club. It makes no sense if their present club gives their consent only for the player to show no interest in a transfer to your club.

    • They dont? Personal terms with varane were done first and are not a problem, now united will approach madrid to discuss the price

  • this was knoewn 3 week ago lol

  • Slow Sports News (SSN)

  • I've been hearing this for a month now

  • Who? To who?

  • Slow sports news 😴

  • Haha I think I´ve heard this like a week ago. And probably will here this next year as well:P

  • Slow sports news

  • Such a bad show

  • Real Madrid did this with Ramos few years back. Get united to negotiate. Find out what he wants and offer little bit more.

    • @Alex Meechan sound like past Liverpool fans 🤣😅

    • omar ahmad that’s the thing though we do, still the biggest club in England by some distance

    • @Alex Meechan You sure you not being a hope full fan... Be honest you don't have the appeal you had in the past?

    • Nope you fell for it - Ramos used us for a new contract in 2015, Varane wants to go and Real need the money 👍🏻 it’s going to happen

    • @omar ahmad Madrid has a big debt, even they sell players, they still can't give Varane what he wants