"The penalty decisions are on me" | Gareth Southgate on England's Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy

Joylandi 11-Iyl, 2021
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England manager Gareth Southgate speaks to the media following England's defeat on penalties to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

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  • Best coach ever

  • What if Southgate was interviewed by Winston Churchill about last 3 shoot out

  • Gareth=a totally overrated manager.

  • Gareth, stick to making poor penalty taker choices, rather than trying to get young people to unnecessarily gat the "vaccine".

  • Too defensive is the problem should’ve played foden mount and grealish started them I think welll done to getting to the final Gareth

  • Re-test England coach /official members and players ! Don’t effects disease 🦠 to E.U.

  • Southgate had a dream than saka should score at number 5 pen taker! , His desicion for whatever reason is not good enough, it's really not?? I'd love a shake up now to get someone in with a nasty/competitive edge?

  • Southgate is such a decent guy. Not sure why he mentioned WWII as a motivation for the match against Germany though - he was born in 1970, and most of his players probably do not even know what WWII was. Might as well take the Battle of Trafalgar as a motivation...

  • Gareth Southgate: "penalties isn't my thing"

  • Greatest england manager in the last 50 years... he's took us to the finals... show some fkin appreciation!

  • 25 percent of penalty kicks are missed. It just happens. Nobody need be held responsible for that.

  • He chose them because he supports BLM.

  • English teams are strong because of te purchased foreign players, but the real english players are those who are in the national team and you can see england is not a strong team.

  • Experience plays finals matches, not talent. 🤫💪

  • Southgate mistake to choose three young black people for penaltinstead of experienced.

  • bad for the players who tried their best, and did incredibly well. Their loss is on his hands

  • Hmmm Come on this guy is,,,,,?

  • the problem is fickle ppl jumping on bandwagon. the guy is useless ppl keep going on about he the first manager to get them to major final for years but excuse me, previous managers never had such a deadly team. fans are deluded. he got lucky mostly and even g Germany the game only changed when grealish came on and yet everyone knows he should have started in first place. 7 defensive players in final? 2 shots on target let me put it bluntly any top manager would have won it with the current England squad venables would have with this squad only Southgate couldn't that speaks volumes favouritism unable to see team quality and clearly a personal agenda with grealish grealish who is the best damn player England have he even sounds like he could be the Italy manager therein lies the issue speaking of the strengths of other teams and totally missing what he has at his disposal useless show some class and leave this was a squad that should only have won but of course once more you fooled the masses with your cancerous approach to football

    • Anyone gonna go get that Bus that Southgate parked at Wembley after Luke Shaws goal??? Rather die trying then sit back and wait for it to happen...

  • I’m not a big fan but I know those boys who missed were pushed into it so the FA Race Overlords could Claim a Victory for BLM , Southgate let it happen !!.

    • Jorge Luiz Frello Filho : Oh, I missed it, how could I? Gianluigi Donnarumma : Hold my beer.

  • England won't win a title with Southgate

  • Clearly he selected the last 3 on the colour of their skin. He wanted the 'three lions' headlines. He played identity politics rather than football and lost it for his country. Idiot. I feel bad for the players who tried their best, and did incredibly well. Their loss is on his hands

  • This coach is pure class congrats to England team on a great tournament

  • So is Maguire England's second best penalty taker after Harry Kane? 🤷🏻 Respect, respect man RESPECT.

  • Mi spiace solo per sautgheit, si vede che è una persona seria … spero di incontrarti sempre in finale 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Had he let Henderson take one he'd have got slated . Don't get pundits saying young kids should go after senior pros , what a load of cods wallop .Younger players are more likely to score ....fact .

  • Euro finals. Decisive penalty. Let a 19 year old take it who has limited penalty taking experience, let alone in a final. 100% idiocracy.

  • He cost EURO trpohy twice.

  • Muppet, you lost the game from 20 mins in , 🇮🇹 deserved the win, end off . Next please 😅

  • But why bring in players who didn't really get a feel for the game to come play penalties? That was very odd for me

  • Anyone gonna go get that Bus that Southgate parked at Wembley after Luke Shaws goal??? Rather die trying then sit back and wait for it to happen...

  • Go Woke. Go Broke.

  • Jorge Luiz Frello Filho : Oh, I missed it, how could I? Gianluigi Donnarumma : Hold my beer.

  • Southgate was wanking at the thought of the black three lions in the guardian the next day. Can’t tell me that didn’t influence his decision when they’ve made that such a big thing in this England teams PR. Diversity was your weakness.

    • France has two wc with a diverse team... Brazil has 5 with a black and mixed team..if it wasn't for a black player sterling England would have not made make the ko stages...the manager is to blame

  • Thay dune well

  • I have a feeling with how much diversity was being applauded as what was gonna bring it home and how political Southgate has been... if i was to speculate i think he was being far more manipulative and deceptive than people give him credit for. This was a win - win for him personally, either England wins and they could keep shouting the "diversity is our strength" slogan or they lose knowing the response from a loud angry minority will feed their outrage machine. I am almost impressed by the level of deviousness... not quite the level of Bismarck but nothing to scoffat.

    • France has two wc with a diverse team... Brazil has 5 with a black and mixed team..if it wasn't for a black player sterling England would have not made make the ko stages...the manager is to blame

    • approved any and all talk around race not only to be acceptable but encouraged....Kick Racism Out.

  • Jordan Pickford is a player who is very underrated give him respect rather than just talk trash about him

  • You know you’re defending, when your striker is standing on the goal line trying to prevent a goal against your team.

  • Who's drinking the Heineken?

  • Taking penalties in training is not the same as taking penalties in the final at Wembley but tough luck all the same


  • Southgate, you have let a bunch of great young men down by holding them back from achieving their full potential.

  • Learn how to loose learn from Luis Enrique

  • english people you are so funny I am enjoying your loss sooo much😂😂😂😂

  • Get a grip England, Southgate and the boys had a great tournament.We got to the final for the first time in 55 years...hipping the blame and racially abusing these boys is disgusting.Bear in mind that Saka became an adult only last year and we gave him the huge responsibility to take that decisive peno. England lost because of tactical reasons, I would pin it on the technical team.

  • You lost the match on the pitch, not on the penalties. Godoooooo

  • Political correctness guaranteed England's loss lmao!

    • France has two wc with a diverse team... Brazil has 5 with a black and mixed team..if it wasn't for a black player sterling England would have not made make the ko stages...the manager is to blame

  • All the world is hating ALBIONE

  • I hate people criticising Southgate. He's done better than any English manager in the last 50 years.

  • Don't blame the Players blame your anthem 👈 🤪

  • I have no doubt Southgate chose the final 3 penalty takers, Whoever kicked the winner was going to be a national hero, Southgate had a particular type of National hero in mind imo, Southgate made it about race from day 1 of the tournament, Everyone else in the media is now talking race since the loss so it's open season it would appear, Thank god Sir Alf Ramsay didn't haven't allow for diversity quota's in '66....No criticism of my comment will be entered into or acknowledged, The British media and F.A have obviously approved any and all talk around race not only to be acceptable but encouraged....Kick Racism Out.

    • France has two wc with a diverse team... Brazil has 5 with a black and mixed team..if it wasn't for a black player sterling England would have not made make the ko stages...the manager is to blame blame for not picking the most experience players... England are just sh*t In major tournament... 66 😂

  • Why can ppl give credit to the Italian squad. They certainly played to win and fought til the end. Congratulations Italy👏👏🏆⚽️

  • Gareth has done wonders for the England team he needs to be knighted

  • Maguire just belting the ball far away from goal as possible yer what a team!!!

  • It's hard to slam a team over a penalty shootout but our record is actually the worst. Well done to England for how far we got but we've got to sort out why we keep bottling penalties. Football is all about fine margins so it's really important we got on top of this.

  • Coach did a great job.

  • We know should have left to to the players from your experience instead of using the subs

  • Racism should be fixed first from the English royals

  • Move that shitty cocacola bottles be like Ronaldo

  • So now I want to see from this 4 players to boycott 2022 World Cup as a message

  • The criminal thing is this fraud gets carried by the team and it's his weak leadership that cost us. "Oh but look how far he's got us" literally any half decent manager with this squad wouldn't have done any worse. He's weak and he's going to waste this generation of talent.

  • I don't understand how everyone complains about the penalties given the game! if they played again 10 times, Italy would always win with 2/3 goal difference

  • England losing from the penalty shots show how affirmative actions is absolute bullshit..wake up and smell the agenda

  • 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🥇🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • I know let 3 newbies take penalties that will make us win....not

  • Look Gareth Southgate you have brought together an excellent team,any body can talk about the wrong tactical decisions you may have made but ultimately you gave those young lads trust in them. and the chance to do you believed in them enough to give it a go , they may not have delivered the results however they delivered a great game and a great tournament , and you Mr Southgate are a great manager stick with them in time they going to deliver 👑👑👑

  • Throughout this whole tournament he didn’t give Sancho and Rashford enough game time and then he brings them on last min sub to take on penalty on the most crucial game of any players life. Like why???

  • Here's what i know: if Southgate wasn't born, England would have 2 more EURO trophies.

  • Rashford is so overrated he is hopeless nothing to do with his colour should work on his lack of football skills instead of playing politics do your job

  • It wouldn’t of went to penalties if he would of put fresh legs on we lost and a big part to blame for that is southgate

  • Italy king football 4 word cup 2 euro cup England 1 Word Cup 0 Euro cup 🤔 England no king football


  • "The players are not to be blame for that , thats's my call" Loser, take the blame and resign

  • He wanted to be diverse, and boy did it backfire 🤣

  • Scheiß Engländer,sind einmal Weltmeister durch Beschiss 1966 geworden,der deutsche Fluch wirkt immer noch,die Engländer werden Deutschland nie mehr einholen,ihr bleibt für immer zweiter Sieger!🤣😂🤣

  • Gareth did well with his tactics especially during the knockout stages, namely playing a back five against Germany. England played well in the first half and would’ve won in the normal time had they emulated the same energy and aggressiveness in the second half. I won’t blame him for putting Rashford and Sancho for the penalties though, for they’ve taken them in the previous two shoutouts, just thought Henderson, Grealish or Sterling should’ve taken the last one~~~

  • the title awaited for 55 years is decided by a 16 year old boy?southgate is unforgivable

  • Anyone could of won, at the end of the day, it’s just luck, nothing to to do with someone being black or white, just plain luck

  • Southgate should be replaced!!!!

  • In the very first campaign of this squad they have been in the final of the second-most highly celebrated competition. I am positive they will undoubtedly grab some silverwares in the days to come.

  • England didn't lose. They United the nation and gave us all hope

  • It came to Romeee

  • Bring in Harry rednap

  • Shouldn’t of put saka on the last penalty

  • Southgate your the one!!!!! You did us proud 1 mistake of a decision means nothing your team did great

  • England should have beat Italy before the end of the match. There was no need going back to defend after scoring the first goal. England had the capacity and technical ability to score more goals in that match. England was actually better in quality than their opponents if only they believed in themselves and attacked head on continuosly on Italy. Playing very defensively after the first goal was a big mistake.

  • contrary to what many feels, i believe Southgate's team selection throughout the tournament and finals were good. England were going up against Italy who were unbeaten for over 30 games, as well as have beaten belgium and spain on route to the final. Cant demand more from the English squad. Rashford and Sancho are good penalty takers. Probably the young Saka was a mistake but Southgate should know better. All in all, England had a good tournament and I believe Southgate should be given more credit

  • We could have won on extra time if we had Rashford & sancho on earlier they would have possibly scored the pen as well, first kick of the ball was a pen (Southgates fault)

  • England should be Brexited from UEFA. No more Euros and no more Champions League !

  • Imagine, losing a match in your home

  • The night of the match I was questioning Southgate decision of putting young still inexperienced players to take the penalties but at the end of the day he managed to bring England to the final. I mean that's an achievement, I saw some news that he will be replaced (not sure if they are true) but this is how you treat him after bringing England into the final, what about the other matches when England won? I think he should stay and learn from his mistakes. At the end of the day someone had to loose and Italy was better, this is long before the penalties. By the way as well the racism that's just disgusting that in today's world we still do this. The Italians missed the penalties too, but nobody is writing about that. Please be kind to each other, I think that is to much to ask for some people. Sorry is to much to discuss about this match so I'll continue. I wanted to say as well that some of the fans obviously not all England fans were disgusting. They tear apart the gates, getting into fights, overcrowding the Stadium. I was aware of this straight away as the commentator said, and I was genuinely afraid for the people, as many of you know about few disasters happend when the stadium was overcrowded and the stadium couldn't support all that weight of the supporters. That's insane putting everyone at risk because your ignorance. Thank God I stayed home and watch the match and too be honest I had more fun. Peace 🙏🙏

  • Both penalties that were saved were an absolute delight for the Italian keeper, knee to waist height moderately to his left. With the height of Donnarumma they should have been driven low and hard, barely coming off the ground.

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  • It's obvious what the plan was. The 3 blacks were supposed to score them so England would win thanks to them. That would have been the diversity message they would stomp everyone over the head with for years to come. Safe to say it backfired enormously lol

  • Putting in 2 subs for penalty time without playing the whole tournament but few minutes was not the right thing to do. Very good players they are but with zero confidence due to not playing. As a sportsperson myself, that was devastating for them..put to that pressurised position. Southgate, you are doing very well as a manager but please learn these massive mistake. Cold players will not react to that situation well..very rare gifted individual can cope but not the fragile ego of some.

  • Southgate is an amazing team leader. He had shown leadership and determination all through the tournament giving chances to players as young as 19 and open the door to player as old as 32! Huge gap but we managed up until the finals. 👏🏾

  • English fans should still celebrate to even come that far. Like, they werent successful at all the last 60 ish years and now they were rocking it. It's actually ridiculous how the Fans are angry and insulting the players even though they have achieved A LOT

  • They're in a media storm of their own making..... they wanted to play identity politics, reap the wind.

  • ooooo...I know now for an absolute fact, that there's a hidden big tech repression on all free speech expression… I mention this because my next statement had been flagged by youtube, hence the ooooo... Southgate made his own bed, and now he should lie in it, after his political 'diversity is our strength' power play back-fired at Wembley... Imagine the complete stupidity of letting a 19 year old take the most decisive penalty in over two frustrated generations of English national footballing history… Totally Woke… Totally broke… Totally unbelievable!

  • Ok, the Three Lions lost because of the Three Stooges 😁😁

  • Lol this fuking guy is a absolute MORON!!🤣🤣🤣 it was Englands for the taking..im still laughing