What Bukayo Saka replied to Josh Denzel's message of support

Joylandi 13-Iyl, 2021
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We caught up with England presenter Josh Denzel to discuss the country's penalty defeat against Italy in the EURO 2020 final and his message of support to wonderkid Bukayo Saka.

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  • a clean heart? lol. such a strange compliment. tbf tho thats to be expected from someone with a really clean liver.

  • As an arsenal fan I look up to saka one penalty doesn't make him bad I hope he comes back stronger

    • As a Tottenham fan, saka is an inspiration

  • I can’t believe 65 people gave a thumbs down for this…..I guess we can guess who the racists are now…..a vast minority!

  • Cry more

  • Le go

  • Saka & the squad will come back stronger than ever! Bring on the World Cup. True fans are behind this squad 100%… it’s the best we’ve seen in years and the very best is yet to come. Let’s not let the minority of scumbags ruin this. We love you Saka!♥️

  • This may be the beginning of Saka legacy in football

  • I smell a crush on someone🙃

  • sorry who is josh denzel?

  • It just sickens me how just because Rashford, Saka and Sancho are of black ethnicity they were singled out, I was one of the first people to say fair play to all 3 of them seeing as they’re so young and still had the guts to take probably 3 of the most important penalties in English Football History

  • Now that's a real friend

  • Hopefully the lad does just learn and get better, we have alot of players at good ages. If they all get where they're probably aiming for then we'll get there again im sure.

  • Saka was a hero, so he missed, so what, you stand in front of millions around the world watching you and see how you perform under that pressure. He’s a great role model for all young black boys. I’m disgusted about anyone who has been abusive to him. I hope them that were pay the ultimate price. Well done lad you have my vote 👏👏👏👏

  • england vs france next world cup final watch

  • Proud you are an Arsenal player Bukayo. We are so lucky to have you.

  • At the end of the day bad sore arrogant stinking attitude losers don't deserve to be the winner's regardless what ever country you represent, and taking off their medals giving the younth very negative impression on bad sportsmanship, don't mix woke virtuous signalling politics in sport missing 3 penalty goals speaks for it's self. Well done Southgate.....

  • when will the English just admit it ??? they lost to a better team !!! as losers we should give them love? give them support ? give them "more" money? cuddle and kiss them?? tell them we still love them ?? be proud as losers too young? and will do better in the world cup 2022,, if they are Kids?? then why were they chosen ? to do a mans job?? why are they paid so much money if they are just kids?? 19years is no Kid ,, when in the forces they are given training and machine-Gun and they are send thousands of miles to fight in our WAR"s ,, but after all the training and practice as footballers when he misses the goal mouth in a penalty ? let us forgive them as they are only Kids ,,,, when their agents negotiate their lucrative contracts ? are they reminded that as Kids they should wait s few years ?? before getting claiming ££££££££ ??????? £££££ not b****y Likely ,,,

  • Saka your a Top Gentleman hold Your head up High we are All behind you these people Will be brought to justice Kalvin Phillips was the first Man over to you to comfort you he's Top man like All the England players in the Euro 2020 love you brother from a Leeds United supporter Stand Up proud hold your head high Marching on together 🤍💛💙🤝😍🦁

  • As arsenal fan loads of people hated Saka but no there giving him love what did I say the kid had the weight of the world on his little shoulders can’t wait for a couple of years and him getting the ballon doir

  • England will win a trophy when Saka, Foden, Sancho and others are in their prime, mark these words.

  • sakas the man

  • Just get over it. That is sport. You fail fail to eventually succeed. Let him become a man. He will never be strong with all this ‘support’.

  • Bukayo...feel no way mi idrin ..you were a whisker away from being a hero..the margins are so tight..which may help you understand that it ain't no ting....head up an remember,ya cyant keep a good Mon down...rise again ,stronger, faster,smarter...jah jah jah...

  • I’m a Man U fan but when you look at Saka it’s like you just automatically love him. He’s got that look of a kid that wouldn’t hurt a fly, why would anyone in there right mind won’t too abuse him.

  • Saka stay strong mate we all love you thank you for everything you did for England We 😍

  • Saka was arguably one of englands best players in the trounament and at just 19 is amazing. Such a good lad, southgate bottled it in choosing 3/5 pens unfortunately we were so close

    • It should have been Henderson, Stones, and Grealish, poor decision from Southgate, he and the rest of the squad will grow and learn hopefully enough for us to win the real prize

  • It’s only a penalty.

  • What's going on guys

  • Bless him bro

  • Agolak

  • Saka was the best thing to happen at arsenal for a while, saka also was the man last season at arsenal. He got called up to England and played so well he got to start the next game. This guy is an amazing talent! One penalty miss shouldn't stop him. ⚪🔴❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Can't blame Saka....blame Sterling! Experienced player who spends more time taking a knee than taking penalties!!!

  • Get a grip England, Southgate and the boys had a great tournament.We got to the final for the first time in 55 years...hipping the blame and racially abusing these boys is disgusting.Bear in mind that Saka became an adult only last year and we gave him the huge responsibility to take that decisive peno. England lost because of tactical reasons, I would pin it on the technical team.

  • Shame on sterling not stepping up to take that penalty he's a joker! Same as Southgate Mr anti football

  • yo

  • I'm not dissing the England players but I think we've overhyped out performance. We played well at times but not often enough. We could not have had an easier run. Hopefully this experience pays off in the next tournament. Is Gareth the right man and did he get the best out the group? I'm not sure but he's done better than all but one by getting us to the final. Will football come home again one day. I hope so.

  • Don't worry Saka you brought Sadness to England but Joy to the rest of the World!!

  • Unlucky saka

  • If only people could find love in their hearts, but they can’t and that is why, they know not if it’s dark outside or light. Bukayo Saka will soon be happy and these miserable racists will continue with their sad, lonely lives.

  • Funny how no one is talking about how most of the abuse came from accounts that originated in Asia. I'm the last person to defend the English but people need to be honest.

  • If Chelsea have Kante, Arsenal have Saka ❤️❤️

  • No offence, but we really shouldnt have any Arsenal or tottenham players in the squad again we cant have that club playing Im sure Saka and Kane could be great people

  • Englishs fans are a disgrace to England and the ones doing it are at rock bottom in their own live's that they have to try pull other people down with them... Im ashamed ti be British!!!

    • Why? They're a minority? Why should a minority affect a majority?

  • Should have played for 🇳🇬, he would have been adored.

    • @chazer 007 investigating what?

    • He's adored here, the racists are a minority that the police are investigating along with UEFA and the FA

    • @Icewallowcome 1 shame 🤔

    • @Tito no I don’t watch basketball

    • @Icewallowcome 1 , you see the basketball the other day?,🇳🇬🇺🇸. How many born Americans played for 🇳🇬, it's about your heritage especially when your in a supremacist system. Bam messed up, lol.

  • Quote me now! Saka will reach such a high level of quality that in about 3-4 years it will be hard to keep him at Arsenal because the biggest clubs in Europe will want him.

  • I WANT TO HEAR FROM IAN WRIGHT on England's loss to Italy!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE GET A MIC AND A CAMERA AND SIT DOWN IAN!!!!!! His thoughts PLEASE!!!!!🍻⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • I would like to see what a so-called "racial abuse" comment looks like.

    • The majority of them are calling him a monkey, or the n word, or something about slavery, thier are alot of them on his Instagram

  • Saka was phenomenal in this tournament and he deserves massive respect for taking a penalty.

  • May be this was written in the stars, i can hear it now: “Sacho goes past his man, cuts inside, passes to Saka, Saka with a wonderful through ball to Rashford, Rashford places it past the keeper and England have surely won the World Cup!!!” Please boys use this as motivation and show these racists that we are stronger than them, I pray that you will find peace and redemption in your hearts

  • All the young lions did the country proud. If the lads take some banter and stick, then that is natural, so long as not vile racists , too many Nationalists show the worst in our Country and add nothing positive. It is the cancer that makes the shame, instead of taking our loss and looking forward to Qatar with some confidence.Kick racists out of football !

  • Saka is a loser...we lost the game because of him...stop supporting him!

    • @Drow0Ranger what were you doing when you were 19 because i can take a guess that it wasn’t playing in the euros

    • Why don't you play on the right wing? No? Why? Because you 53, 160kg, and sit on your ass all day watching Millwall get relegated

    • go and play better then lmao

    • @Hugh mungus if he gets my praise for winning the games for us, he equally deserves my wrath.

    • he’s 19 give him a break

  • I want to share this story to put it into perspective, I’m a 30 year old British Bangladeshi who has supported my country dearly since I can remember, this tournament has to be the most captivating and enjoyable experience of watching England, we have gone through so much as a country together it just hurts, it really hurts. Our boys delivered and put the biggest smiles across our faces, they did so well, above all expectations and they came up narrowly short when it became a game of chance , but rest assured in my mind they have etched themselves in history as heroes. However racial abuse towards these boys is vile and mortifying, I have put up with a lot in these 30 years because, but I speak up today because on that night not only did they target these lads, my dad, in his England shirt, a 60+ year old brown man, whilst filling up at a petrol station was racially abused and told to F off and go back to his country, by fellow England fans… He laughed this off, but I am conflicted, I ask myself what does this shirt stand for..does it stand for the great values that make this country the most amazing in the world or does it stand for what the minority believe in..which rightly casts shame on this land for the whole world to see, if it’s not the latter, we have a great future and this is my bet, these lads, yes the lads that some of these monsters are abusing will one day take us to the promised land and bring it back home. Love and Peace a sad and reflective but diehard England fan

  • Maybe don’t invite so many immigrants of different colours to your country then ...Italy didn’t have this problem and won.

    • What? Sterling was the best player in our team, not to mention they have to have an English parent to play for England

  • Josh Denzel clout chasing off footballers again 😂 I guess he is salty for only being a reality TV Z-lister

  • THE TRUE ENGLAND FANS STAND FIRM WITH YOU SAKA, you've been phenomenal 👏🙌

  • God bless you Bukayo and all the lads who missed pens, Achieved more than most can dream about, The people who abused these players are the lowest forms of life and deserve to be stateless.

  • Abuse is wrong but people are witnessing the once in a generation chance that we blew thanks to Southgate and his tactics. Biggest fraud in football

  • It is wrong to put this much pressure on saka, he is still a baby. What rights do you have when you are 18? None, you can’t drink, can’t vote, still child benifits. It was unfair to expect an 18 year old to take a penalty.

  • Saka is the future. Mark my words.

    • @Arcade Classics pessimist

  • It's all hindsight now - but i am still baffled at how Saka - someone who's never taken a penalty in his professional career, would be allowed to take the 5th one. Even if he scored 50/50 in training, you still dont put him on the 5th one. Put him at number 2 or 1. But not your 5th. Grealish has scored one for Villa in crucual moments, Sterling scored one in the League Cup final. They should be ahead of him

  • Ok a love island guy on sky sports talking about saka am I missing something?

    • @Colin Smith lol

    • @Billy Boy probably running about shouting he's mugged me off and he's got a text.

    • 😂 he’s been doing stuff with England squad over the euros

  • I love football ps I am on my moms phone my parents are getting a divorce

  • So what did saka reply?

  • Saka you are a hero as are the rest of the team

  • Now they’ve decided to enter into politics perhaps the FA should start putting up candidates for election.

  • I think Southgate used those 3 black players as a political stunt to stuff it to the people booing taking the knee , it backfired badly .

  • saka is england's kante

  • England

  • Very proud of all our players, the final, all the way down to penalties, legends, truly made me enjoy football again, thank you.

  • Well done Saka! Great tournament I was rooting for you too score great man great personality and amazing footballer, will always have haters! 19 years old what man in the making! This setback will make your stronger much love

  • It will be so funny next winter when all these stupid online trolls are singing his name when he is one of the players of the tournament at the world cup

  • Alla sua età ha comprensibilmente sentito il peso della responsabilità che gli è toccata. Gli è andata male ma gli insuccessi aiutano a maturare e può almeno dire di aver avuto il coraggio di averci provato. Caro ragazzo, cammina a testa alta e sii orgoglioso di te stesso, chi ti offende non può permettersi di fare altrettanto. In bocca al lupo per il futuro, te lo meriti.

  • how have you made a video out of this

  • Personally would of played Foden more but he suprised me this Euros, he give it 100%. People have the right for an opinion but not all the rasist bs.

  • The three who missed their penalties are wrongens and will be remembered as such irrespective of what people say. Not because they are black, but because they bottled the best opportunity we have had since '66 to win something as a nation.

  • Getting forward and putting in a great cross for England's equaliser against Denmark is my memory of Saka at Euro 2020. Stay strong kid, don't let a small minority spoil what a great tournament you had and detract you from hearing/seeing all the great comments and support people have for you. I know in Qatar 2022 you are going to have another great tournament. Stay strong, stay focused, all the best for the future.

  • This tournament 🏟 made me a die hard Saka fan!

  • Saka is the last guy to blame for England's defeat. Third rate manager Southgate goofed it.

  • Saka and the rest of the team can hold their heads up so high. Absolutely disgusting the abuse of these young boys. Real supporters dont only sing when you're winning.

  • Nice one

  • *So wheres this 'reply' you mentioned in the video title???????*

  • These incidents should remind all of us what humans are ,you’ll do 99 good things and get ridiculed for the 1 that doesn’t go right !

  • He was outstanding against Germany and man of the match against Denmark in the first half. He's got class on the pitch and it's easy to imagine that he's a terrific lad off the pitch too. Next time lad, next time ;)

  • Wow! What a news

  • 🐖🐖🐖🥈🥈🥈🥈🐖🥈🥈🐖🥈🥈🐖🥈🐖🐖🥈🥈🐖🐖🐖🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🐖🐖🥈🐖🐖🥈🐖🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • He should quit England and join the African nation where his roots are

    • @chazer 007 I'm sure he felt that way after he missed his penalty

    • @Joel MacInnes we appreciate him, any true England/arsenal fan appreciate him

    • @chazer 007 because they might appreciate him

    • Why would he? I don't even think he can

  • Genuinely can’t believe josh denzel is now mates with all the England squad because he was on love island 😂. Four years ago he was probably struggling to make friends at the pub with no money

  • 😊💒🏥

  • His Peno was vg, props to Italy keeper for saving it.

  • „me is sad and i want a banana“ ?

  • Saka's gonna kill it next season, I just know it!

  • Saka's gonna kill it next season, I just know it!

  • Wake up people bread and circus such a shame people don’t get so passionate about what really matters

  • I just can't believe these morons could be such hypocrites to cheer him if he'd scored but insult his fundamental being. It's insane.

  • We love you saka we do we love you saka we do OH SAKA WE LOVE YOU 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Coming from a bellend off love island say no more

  • Saka’s penalty miss is gonna be the creation of a monster, mark my words

    • To me they should lift their heads high. These top players bend like Beckham, Frank lampard, Paul casgoine couldn't take England to the world Cup and euro final. But this young blacks has done it. God bless you guys . The sky is your limit

  • I don't care he didn't score the fact that he had the guts to take the penalty thats more than enough, World Cup will have lot more to come from saka a superstar